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danny make money blogI wanted to review a fellow make money blogger. The Make Money Online Niche is filled with a variety of different types of bloggers. Bloggers of various shapes, size, age, color, and skill level. Today, i wanted to talk about Duckeldannys Money Blog. Duckeldanny dot com is a blog run by an 18 year old blogger from Germany. There are people younger in this niche, but 18 is still pretty young to be making money online.

I’m a guy that likes getting the bad news first so i’ll start with a critique. The site has way too many ads. I would advice “danny” to clean up the sidebar a little bit. I think there are a lot of unnecessary ads. This slows down the load time and makes the design look choppy. I also found some breaks in the code. Cause some of the sidebar widgets were not showing. Like most make money bloggers, “danny” was influenced by the chow. The header images is of the prosaic car and the blog’s tagline is the same thing as chow. I would recommend using a different angle. Since “danny” is a teenager, he should focus on that as his gimmick. It worked for carl ocab and university kid. Some of the posts are long so it might be wise to use the “more” function to shorten the posts on the front page.

danny makes money onlineNow lets look at the positives. As far as content, the blog has frequent posts and the content goes by the MMO norm. I see a lot of paid plugs, so he is actively trying to make money from his blog. I think that’s the most important thing with MMO blogs. Johnchow brags about how he makes money online by telling people how much he makes. Oddly enough, Make Money Online blogs only work when you can show that you make money online. It’s not really about educating readers. It’s about showing off to readers. I think danny is doing a good job of monetizing to reach his goal. I also like the design of the site. The header image bites chow’s fancy car theme, but i like the cartoon. And, it plays well with the bloggers age (he’s 18).

The blog has solid rankings and i really think that it can grow to be a player in this niche. Just get rid of all those repeat ads. I found like seven TTZ media ads on his front page. It was on the sidebar 3 times and on the footer as well. And it was inserted into a lot of his posts. First of all, i’m not sure if TTZ media is a program that works. I don’t know anyone who’s made money off of it except chow. Secondly, it’s all over the place. I also found project wonderful widgets in multiple spots. Rule of thumb, don’t over place your ads, especially ones from the same ad networks.

I hope the review was helpful for danny and as a case study for my readers. It might have stung a bit, but i think constructive criticism is better then sugar coated fluff. My blog sucks ass and i know that i would appreciate some criticism too. Noob out!

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  1. Matt

    Great info noob. Funny thing I don’t have any ads on my blog, I was thinking of adding a couple except I like the idea of private placement more than these schemes

  2. the noob Post author

    matt- yeah, gotta watch out for schemes. The prob with private ads is, you need to have an established site first. People won’t buy ad space on no name blogs. Gotta at least land on the first few pages of google for hot search terms, and u need traffic. 😉

    grademoney- i am 17 going on 18, la la la la la la. I love that song!

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