Dummy blogs help with paid plugs

make money online with anna kournikovaBloggernoob is one of my main blogs. I have over 50 blogs that i update at least once a week. I also have a few others that i updated every two days. Paid plugging is a great way for noobies to make money online. It is fast and easy. As long as you don’t waste too much time on them, it can be a great way to start monetizing your blog. The only problem is that google doesn’t like paid reviews. To work your way around that, all you have to do is set up dummy sites. This is what i am in the process of doing. Since i don’t want to clutter my blog with a lot of useless junk, i have set up another bloggernoob type blog. This blog will be set up to take the paid reviews that bloggernoob normally gets.

If you have a site that you don’t want cluttered with paid plugs, then you should set up another site. Set up a site that has similar content. This way, it makes your job of posting a lot easier. The search engines and the paid plugging sites won’t be able to tell the difference. You can just post good content on your main blog, and sell of the space for $10 posts on the other. Setting up a dummy blog just for paid plugs is a great way to add easy income to your blog.

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