Easier Kontera pay per click install in wordpress

BloggerNoob has experimented with a whole bunch of ad networks. I honestly believe that everyone should experiment. An ad network that is profitable for “blogger A,” isn’t necessarily going to be profitable for “blogger B.” Recently, i have been trying to tweak some of my other blogs with pay per click ad systems. I am starting to believe that this is the best form of web monetization.

I just heard from Kontera that their WordPress 2.7 Plugin is now available. When i first tried out Kontera, it seemed to be too confusing to install it on my blogs. But now, they made things a lot easier. You can now use their plugin. The plugin has shown to be a great way for publishers to implement the ContentLink tag quickly and easily without the confusion of manual copy/paste. The beauty of using a plugin is that you don’t ever need to repeat steps for every page or worry about losing the code once a page is change or updated.

In case you don’t know, Kontera is a provider of In- Text pay per click advertising based on relevancy and yield for online advertisers and publishers. Their ads are a great solution for publishers that use Adsense and want to extend their revenue sources. They are also good as an Adsense alternative.

The Kontera WordPress plugin gives you an ultimate one-click implementation in addition to other features:

Determine when ContentLink ads will begin appearing on new posts- you can choose to block ads for a particular number of days

Display ContentLinks only on posts

Display ContentLinks only on comments

Change ContentLinks color

Choose to enable or disable ContentLink ads from within your post editor!

The setup is easy and painless. All you have to do is download the plugin from by clicking HERE, or the Kontera Blog, Copy the folder to your blog’s WordPress content/plugins directory, and activate.

43 thoughts on “Easier Kontera pay per click install in wordpress

  1. Phil

    PPC more profitable than affiliate? More profitable than direct ad sales? More profitable than selling your own info product?

    Please expand sir.

    Also, I must have missed the post that explains the photos of celebrities. are these in as traffic magnets? if so is it really worth it, as it not targeted and CTR must be low?

    I salute you noob!

  2. Jony

    However PPC can be most powerful program for blogger to get their earning, everybody is different someone might expert in adsense, and maybe the other expert in the Kontera

  3. Project: Sugarbuzz

    I just installed this last week on my blog. I’m surprised that it’s actually made a (very) small amount of money so far.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is that it makes lots of links, rather than just a couple. I’m not sure if it’s overkill, but I just don’t want Google freaking out about it. I also use AdSense, just not as prominently on the site. In fact, it’s pretty rare that I put AdSense code into my posts. Maybe Kontera will work better overall.

    Good luck with your Kontera trial!

  4. jj-momscashblog

    Hey Noob, Thanks for the info. regarding Kontera ppc, I didn’t know you had to install it through wordpress that it was a plug-in. I’m glad that you said that it has been made easier to install, could you hear my sigh of relief? …so thanks for that also. I’m going to give it a try. JJ

  5. Rank Higher, Make Money!

    “An ad network that is profitable for “blogger A,” isn’t necessarily going to be profitable for “blogger B.””
    Yes, definitely good advice on that. You can’t just sit on something, not knowing or even trying out different possibilities.
    – Eric

  6. RaiulBaztepo

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  7. silver

    I’ve been trying Kontera with my hubpages, and the results arn’t that great – they place irrelevant ads on pages a lot of the time.

    I’ve been Googling for hours and all I’ve come across is people like you who are just trying Kontera out, or people who are furious with Kontera, but no one who says, hey these people are great, I’ve made loads of money, I recommend them!

    I guess I should give my experiment a few more weeks to be sure before I finally decide whether or not to ditch them.

  8. HART (1-800-HART)

    I’ve actually been experimenting with competing companies Kontera vs another one … the other one is actually outperforming Kontera, although the links are less contextual .. quite weird. I claim it to be the reason “deer in headlights” philosophy, as the other ads look different or nicer. CPC won’t replace the other – but, it certainly can add to one’s monetization.

  9. Daily Mezze

    I finally figured out how to apply Kontera to my blogs. I also write for Hubpages and so far I’m getting clicks there. Kontera has made me earn a few dollars in almost 2 months and I’m wishing for more as I add more content to my pages.

  10. Jared Stenzel

    What would you recommend for traffic levels before you start implementing something like kontera into your posts? Would it be bad to do it on something getting very minimal traffic?

  11. yimzwik | Make Money Online

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    Most online work requires you to have some sort of specialized technical skill sets. You should never pay to start an online job. Any site that requires you to pay to work is definitely a scam. On the other hand, if you are not technically qualified for most online jobs, then your best bet is starting your own home based business. Starting a business does require up front cost.

    The quickest way I know to make some extra cash is by selling stuff on ebay or searching craiglist for work- these are normally only short-term fixes. I’ve tried them both and lost interest very quickly.

  12. Reta

    Well i feel that marketing tool really works out and Kontera is effective tool. It’s really nice blog about online advertising and good to know about it. Online marketing is really gaining rapid popularity. Even i used to promote my site and sell my product online through fullservicead and my business is really growing.

  13. Player Profiles

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