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makemoneyblog1.jpgFirst time i heard of SEO, i was a little intimidated. Such an official sounding term, Search Engine Optimization. It’s actually not that hard to do. I didn’t even spend any money on it. Just read stuff in forums and on other peoples blogs. Remember noobs, don’t pay for anything cause you’ll find the info for free if you just look for it.

Basically i didn’t want to attempt getting anywhere with “make money online” cause it’s such a competitive keyphrase. I opted to work on something more realistic. If johnchow can’t get #1 on google for make money online, then i won’t waste my time trying. I picked the words “make money blog” i figured that people will search for this term and i figured i could get in the top 100 soon enough. I was at #124 on google two days ago. Now i find BloggerNoob holding the #41 spot. Not bad right?

It’s pretty basic. The search engines try to pick up on keywords and posts that are relevant to the keywords. So i started posting more often with keyword rich content. I made sure my titles matched the articles. No tricks, no ebooks, no payment needed. Just try things out and focus your attention on it.

As you can see, my blog is ranked higher then johnchow and doshdosh for “make money blog”. Both blogs i respect and admire. I’m feeling pretty good. Woohoo!

3 thoughts on “Easy SEO make money blog

  1. Straight

    Pretty good article.

    I like the idea and if this is really true then I sure know how to use it for my own benefit. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Nick

    Totally agree noob. I got the SEO plugin that is available to add a different meta title, description and keywords. One of my blogs gets hit regularly with top 10 search results from Google and Yahoo.

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