Educate yourself to make money online

kate makes money onlineI’m a big believer of education. Not so much the education system that is set up in this country. I’m all for self education. I realize that most people are not so willing or capable of educating themselves. Most people need somebody to guide them.

I believe with all my heart that the internet is the future. I actually saw it coming for the past decade. I couldn’t do much because i didn’t know shit about the internet. I didn’t have an understanding of how websites are set up. I still need to learn a lot of things, but right now, i’m at a level where i feel confident in various web projects. I feel confident that i can learn some of the more advanced programs.

I think the internet is full of potential. It’s open to everyone. The barrier of enter is low. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can set up a website. And if you put in a lot of time and know how to work the system, you can make money online.

Things online move fast. Every second, hundred of websites are born. Maybe thousands. New programs are set up and new technology makes it possible to build better websites. You have to be on top of these things if you want to make money online. You have to constantly be educating yourself. It does depend on what type of webmaster you want to be, but it’s always helpful to hit the books. Even if you’re just a lowly “internet marketer,” you should still pick up some coding languages. You don’t have to be fluent, but you should know some of the basics.

This sounds pretty intimidating i know. But don’t be put off by it. You have to take baby steps. First, set yourself off with a simple website. It doesn’t have to be a blog. I would recommend a blog because they are the easiest to set up. And then from there, grow your site and learn and test out various traffic programs. Then you start comparing other sites with your own. And then you just keep moving forward. I started bloggernoob when i was a complete noob. Didn’t know shit about anything. But now, i run and monetized over 50 websites. And I have 50 more in the works. I’ve also invested over $30,000 into two major websites that i will launch soon.

If you work at a respectable job or own a business that provides you with a comfortable life, you probably won’t be reading this type of blog. You already got what you need. No need for change. But if you are unhappy with the work you do, or business you run, you should definitely think about an online business as an investment. It could change your life.