Emails should be replied within 48 hours.

emailat.jpgThis should be the first commandment for any webmaster. I know it can get hard at times for a blogger to go through and reply each and every email, but you gotta. Some bloggers are not so serious, so it’s understandable for the delayed email. But major websites, should have no excuse. I’ve written a few emails to some major websites and most of them reply right away. Even if it’s an auto responder, it’s assuring to know that my request is in the system. A few sites, have neglected my email. These sites are losing out on potential business. These site’s i won’t do business with.Too bad for them and this should be a lesson learned for all bloggers to be quick with your email replies. If you’re a blogger, 99.99% of the time you have online access at least once a day. Or maybe 100%. That’s the reason i gave myself for buying a blackberry two years ago. Check your email and send a reply. If you can’t address the issue right then, still send an email stating that you’ll get back to them shorty.