Entrecard and Alexa

alexa.jpgAlexa just updated about two days ago and BloggerNoob dot com has now broken the 50k mark. The Noob is the owner of a Alexa 49,237 blog. Woohoo. But this doesn’t mean much. I’ll tell you why.

Although Alexa is the most popular ranking system for websites, it is very inaccurate. It can easily be gamed and manupalited. For example, i’ve looked over the entrecard popular blogs and i noticed that all of them have great alexa rankings. I visit these blogs and see nothing special. These bloggers just spend a lot of time dropping cards and putting ads on other popular entrecard blogs. But this works. It works cause the people who are on entrecard all have the Alexa toolbar installed. So every time an entrecard blogger comes to drop on their site. They get some more alexa juice. These popular entrecard blogs depend on the fickle and high bounce rate traffic of entrecard. It’s a good way to build up ranking and it’s cool that they get a lot of traffic. But if that’s their main source of traffic, these sites will eventually fall. I’m sure Graham over at entrecard has plans to limit these power droppings.

If you’re a noob blogger and are looking to build up your alexa ranking. Get on entrecard and become a power dropper. Buy some entrecard credits and start advertising on the popular blogs. It will get you a lot of useless hits. And that will get your alexa ranking up. I can almost gaurantee it.

3 thoughts on “Entrecard and Alexa

  1. Tommy

    Probably not or not really witchypoo…It’s a kin to PR and all those other useless rankings. However, if you’re wanting to attract advertisers or join certain programs that give you some kind of love, they will often times base their decision on whether or not to accept you or advertise with you, on your (insert here) ranking of the day…Alexa as Noob points out is a common insert here, type of ranking, perhaps the most common. Depending on your niche this may very well impact your bottom line. But, it may just be another useless ranking system as well. I did find it interesting that EC can be used to manipulate Alexa as easily as Noob points out!


  2. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- not really, but like most ranking systems, it’s good to have if you want to make money with your blog. it’s all bullshit, but everything that makes money usually is.

    tommy- thanks for clarifying tommy.

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