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entrecardstats.jpgBloggerNoob dot com used to be on the most popular entrecard list. It fell off that page about a month ago. Entrecard is a site with a lot of potential and i want back on that popular page. So i’m doing a mini challenge. I will give myself until the end of this month to be one of the most popular entrecards. Do you think i can do it?

entrecard.jpgDoing little challenges like this helps you stay focused on growing your blog. If you achieve your mini goals, you’ll gain confidence on achieving bigger and brighter ones. Keep your eye on the prize and keep doing things to make your blog better. Entrecard is a site that brings in traffic. The traffic obtained from entrecard might not be quality hits, but they are hits nonetheless. It’s completely free to join and the best thing about entrecard is that it’s built for noobs. Noob bloggers dominate the popular list. Johnchow and problogger are pushed aside. The entrecard giants have fun with it and have found the way to game entrecard. I feel confident that i can get back on the most popular list. How confident? If i don’t get back on the most popular entrecard list by Feb 29th of 2008, i’ll award two of my readers 29 bucks each. How do you get in on this action? Just leave a comment below. If i don’t reach my mini goal, i’ll select two winners from the comments section of this post. I don’t want to give away my strategy until i meet the goal. If i do achieve this mini feat, i’ll report back on how i did it. Stay tuned.

Again- Leave me a comment below. If i don’t get my creepy baby mug on that most popular list by Feb 29th, two of you will win 29 bucks from me. Wish me luck, or if you’re a greedy bastard, wish me to fail!

Note- The challenge calls for getting back on the list. If i get back on that list before the 29th, i don’t have to pay out. If i make it on the list and fall back out, i still achieved my mini goal, and don’t have to pay out. The challenge is not about staying on the most popular list.

30 thoughts on “Entrecard challenge

  1. Lee

    Your drops on your site are very good for the amount of drops your giving.

    If you dropped 300 a day I am sure you would hit around 200-250 drops on your site if they keep on like that.

    I have started a U DROP I FOLLOW page on my website and it is really starting to take off now.

    I find it hard now to mix the drops from people who drop on me and new people I wish to drop on me… Its hard to do now…

    You can do it! You just need to invest time 😀

  2. Living on Adsense

    I am kind of glad that you “dropped” of the Entrecard wagon, not that I wish you ill will (you are on my awesome list) but it’s just that I got a spot on your blog for only 170 EC.

    I am looking forward to Friday when my ad appears.

    Good luck with your challenge, although I checked the popular page and you were on it, so I think you nailed it already!

  3. Juha Ylitalo

    If you sign up to ‘U drop, I follow’ and all those new groups, where each member promises to drop 200-300 drops a day, start using site hopping tools for getting those 300 drops/day for yourself, etc. then I would say that you have very good chance for getting to your goal.
    At this point, its mostly question about how much of your freetime your willing to use for getting high advertisement price for short period.
    One nasty thing that I experienced, while I was in 200+ EC/day price category was that my advertisement queue was always pretty short.

  4. witchypoo

    I figure you already have a strategy of how to accomplish your goal, so I don’t expect you will be paying out on this one. But if you do, pick me!

  5. Tim

    Haha you’ll have no trouble at all! You’re only 20 credits away from the most popular page! I’ll bet you get there in 2-3 days tops.

    Good luck :)

  6. Tommy

    Not aimin’ very high r ya Noob? You’re a measly 21 away from that list as it stands now (as Tim pointed out). You’ll probably have it by the end of this weekend…Course the evil out there may go pimp up the lower ones some…but still…piece of cake!


  7. kmcgra

    Noob…you need only a couple ‘o hundred more drops a day…should be quite easy. A couple of weeks ago I went EntreCard nutso…and got up near the top. Since then I have slacked off. I do not have quality content on the WV blog that keeps people coming back, so no one was interested in paying the price to place an ad, so my ad queue went way down. ehh, maybe next time. Feel free to drop my name in the contest hat, just in case you do not make it…

  8. the noob Post author

    lee- not sure if i can drop 300 a day, but i’ll try to do 100 or so. i’ve seen the udropifollow movement. did u start that? very clever if you did. thanks for the support lee. :) i think i can do it. i don’t want to keep my 58 bucks!

    livingonadsense- i’m looking forward to your entrecard on my blog. and i’m glad that you were able to get an ad on my blog. and i’m flattered that you wanted to place it on my blog. thanks! i don’t think i made it yet. when i do, i’ll take a screenshot as proof. don’t want to angry my readers into thinking i jipped them the 58 bucks. :)

    juha- thanks for the advice. not sure if i’ll have time to do all these dropping, but i might be forced to. the question is, will it be worth my time to save 58 bucks.

    witchypoo- haha. clever girl!

    baseguardian- EC is pretty addictive. so is blogging.

    meemoe- thanks.

    killian- you smart!

    workout mommy- done!

    tim- thanks tim. i checked today and now i’m like 50 credts away. darn it. but i think i have a good chance of making it.

    killian- drums. nope. i’ve always wanted to play, but got no rhythm. what made u think i drum? i play piano and a little bit of guitar tho. you can check my youtube page. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9XhlRZuxuk

    erz- thanks. i hope so.

    tommy- haha yeah. i like to take baby steps with my challenges. :) thanks for the support.

    kmcgra- yeah. i used to think dropping cards was a waste of time, but i guess it could it make me popular.

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  10. Funked

    I just signed up to entrecard. It looks like a great site for generating traffic. I don’t care about getting quality hits either. :)

    Good Luck noob!

  11. the noob Post author

    funked- you’ll get traffic from entrecard. just visited your blog. design is cool. and i can see you’ve been keeping busy with new posts. i made a couple suggestions for ya. hope it helps.

  12. tommy

    Funked…if all you’re looking for is quantity and no quality…I’d highly recommend the traffic exchange industry. With the right sights you can obtain literally hundreds of hits (if not thousands) per day in a couple of hours time. Most of em are worthless, but if that’s not a deal breaker, there’s no faster, easier, or better way! I’m currently on the wagon but every few months I fall off just to get my hit ego stroked…LOL


  13. the noob Post author

    tommy- ego stroked…nice. i need that every once in a while.

    menopauseprincess- thanks. and if i don’t make it, good luck on winning some free cash. :)

  14. Alan

    I got a Lot more “organic” clicks from Entrecard when I was on most popular but the cut off for that page has risen from like 200+ to 400+ and I honestly don’t have the time to be that big a power dropper. Mostly working at this point to stay on the front page of Categories, which also brings in clicks.

  15. the noob Post author

    alan- thats a big difference in traffic. i don’t plan on keeping myself on the most popular list. just want to challenge myself to get back on the list. and unfortunately, make money blog catagory is too hard to be the top 3 in. i wish i picked a less saturated catagory. :) like religion or something.

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  18. the noob Post author

    I did it! I reached my goal and completed my challenge. Sorry guys, but i don’t have to pay any of you off. :) thanks for your support, and don’t worry guys, i’ll do more of these and i’m bound to fail one of these day. I’ll pay you guys off then. :)

  19. Sameer

    Entrecard is great. Now its network also growing than why only 300 cards per day its not fear for rest fellow blogger, where i can’t able to drop…..hummm? happy blogging (*_*)

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  21. Verla Demianczyk

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