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entre.jpgI’ve noticed a recent trend amongst blogger. A lot of bloggers are holding contests where the prize is entrecard credit. This is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard. It’s almost as ridiculous as a contest where the prize is an ebook. What a useless prize. It’s like getting socks for Christmas.

Entrecard credits can be earned so fast. You can signup right now and in a week you’ll probably have a few hundred credit earned. Why enter a contest for something that is abundant. Isn’t something valuable when there scarcity involved?

I usually use up my credits as they come in. I haven’t put up any ads today so i have around 150 credit right now. That’s just from one day. I’ll give away my credit for today. No contest. No fuss. I’m going to choose a random winner from people who have commented. Inni Minni Minie Moe. The Winner is…….Debo Hobo. Leave me a comment here and claim your worthless prize. Just giving you the entrecard credits wouldn’t be so cool so i’ve included some link love. :)

11 thoughts on “Entrecard credits

  1. Pam Hoffman

    Hey, I asked for socks for Christmas before!


    Getting credits faster means that I don’t have to slog thru myself and I can get to something else for my blog. I’ll take credits if I can get them – actually, my first 20 credits were FROM a contest and I’d never heard of EC before – that’s what got me going with it!

    Pam Hoffman

  2. DrBurst

    Well, for me it’s like a spark. When ever the traffic at my blog seems low i’ll just make a contest. But yea, i see your point 100 credits isn’t worth it, but 1000 is.

  3. Debo Hobo

    Noob you are so funny, an truer words could not have been written. I’ll take the points of course.

    EntreCard is a two headed monster- yes it brings great traffic but on the other hand that traffic bounces so fast moving onto the next credit drop. It is ridiculous to see how common courtesy has gone out the window. What ever happened to visit a blog & leave a comment. Off topic I know I just had to vent for a second.

  4. the noob Post author

    pam hoffman-u asked for socks? like diamond encrusted socks? :)

    drburst-i still say 1000 is not worth much but i guess there is strengh in numbers.

    debohobo- :) the winner. Debo thanks for commentating on my blog. You were one of the first commentators and i really appreciate the kind words of encouragement when i started this blog. I need your email to send you the credit. please email me at admin@bloggernoob.com your entrecard email. thanks.

  5. Sean Morris

    Hey , don’t clown on socks, or underwear. The older we get , the older your socks and underwear get too. Sooner or later ,you have to replace them. Luckily , if you get them for a present , you don’t have to go though the hassle of remembering to purchase them. The more pairs of socks and underwear I have, the longer I can go between laundry days, and thats a bonus.

  6. Life is Colourful

    I think there is no wrong in giving away credits… if you observe, most of them are giving away few hundred credits for commenting on the post and getting visitor’s attention. And it’s important as you read in Debo’s comment, right!

  7. ryan

    It’s free. That’s why people are doing it. It allows you to give away something that you got for free and get traffic and potential advertisers to give you money. Who wouldn’t take advantage of that?

  8. bloggernoob

    blogtommy- what’s with the socks.

    sean morris- again with the socks? im talking about regular tube socks you can get at target guys. Not like louis vuitton socks.

    life is colourful-i think free is cool. like i just gave away 150. if some just gave it to me..i’d take it too. but these bloggers that are running contest, are doing it like it’s a big deal. it’s not a big deal. graham has to do something about entrecard inflation. each credit has devalued 100%. even a month ago, it was worth more.

    ryan-i love free. just don’t make a big deal out of it.

    life is colourful- convention freebies are almost as useless as ebooks and entrecard credits. tough choice on what i’d want. hmmm. probably entrecards. i don’t want more trash in our landfills.

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