Entrecard embarrassment

entrecard.jpgI hadn’t visited johncow’s blog in a while so i decided to go have a look. I stopped visiting regularly cause he wasn’t writing his posts. Too many guest posts. I don’t want to read your blog if you don’t write it. Johncow used to be one of my favorite blogs about blogging. Not cause it taught me how to make money online. I liked his blog cause it was a fun read. Today, i was happy to see that he was writing his own posts again. And i found a pretty kick ass post about entrecard’s Graham Langdon.

Turns out that there’s some fishy stuff going on. Johncow is saying that Graham left some dogging comments on zac johnson’s blog, posing as johncow. Fun stuff right? They tracked the IP address and it turns out that the poswer was Graham Langdon. Graham is saying that the comment was left by a drunk buddy. Not a very educated defense. That he was a Boston College guy? Come on now Graham, you could come up with a better excuse then that.

I don’t know who to side with. I like the cow, but he’s kind of johnchow’s bitch. I like Graham, but what happened is rather embarrassing. I don’t know who zan johnson is. Is he the spiderman guy? Whatever the trust is, i think it’s good for blogging. It’s entertaining. Who said make money blogs can’t be entertaining? This is a throw back to the east coast west coast rap duel. Who’s Biggie and who’s Tupac? God bless you guys. Dork fights are so fun to watch. Throw down the pocket protectors i say.

17 thoughts on “Entrecard embarrassment

  1. Tee

    I agree that some of the bigger sites turn to simply hosting guest blogs (in many cases, for profit, I’m sure) or writing paid reviews. They stop producing the content that made them so famous to start with.

    I also sometimes doubt when I see “blogger wars” going on. They could be manufactured simply because, as you say, they are entertaining. People love drama and will flock to it, resulting in more traffic for all involved.

    I once read a guerrilla marketing site, they specifically recommended creating controversy and trying to tick off the big guns in order to get their attention. If the big guns make any sort of mention of you, your product, your site, etc., you win – they’ll have gotten your name out there to a very broad audience at no/low cost to you.

  2. Jared Stenzel

    I don’t care whose side you take, until this happens to you, you won’t appreciate my comment. Posing as somebody else is a dick move. While most people are plenty capable of checking the IP the damage is still done. It hurts your rep, and everybody that doesn’t own the domain will read that comment and not know it wasn’t posted by you. It’s makes me madder than having my content copied word for word by another blogger.

  3. Xacur

    I’d understand the post writer was a drunk friend. I have friend that don’t drink and do more stupid things that posting a comment.
    I have read some bad comments in blogs with names like Jhon Cow and Dannychoo,
    And yes, it’s kinda funny to read that Blog-Celebrity Gossip, there should be a talkshow of that.

  4. shy guy

    He he he.. That’s interesting story…
    I think it makes blog more interesting…
    Maybe there’s a gossip blog about blogger…

  5. Funked

    Lol, P.I.M.P

    It was fun reading the cows comment section. Graham should just hold his hands up, he got busted, tough shit. Everyone gets drunk and does stupid things. Take it like a man I say. :)

    I’m not siding with anyone, I just think it’s fun watching two people battle it out over the internet.

  6. Trisha Fawver

    Zac Johnson is a super affiliate, he got started doing myspace graphic sites.

    Regardless, it’s pretty irresponsible for Graham to let his drunk buddies get away with this since he’s now at the forefront of internet marketing, so to speak. He should set a better example.

  7. the noob Post author

    tee- i guess you can’t help but sell out your blog, especially if you’re a make money blogger. me too. it’s more entertainment. it’s doesn’t mean it’s real. even if it’s made up, just to market the blog. i say it’s damn good entertainment. but in this case, graham from entercard is looking bad. bad PR in my opinion, if this is made up. good for johnbull tho.

    jared- if it happend to me. i don’t think i would care much. it’s a dick move. but what’s the big deal. it’s a bunch of dorks typing on the internet. no blood no foul. no pussy either. bunch of dorks. :)

    xacur- i didn’t write this post to make a blogging statement. i personally don’t take blogger very seriously. it’s a fun hobby. who if someone imitates me. i don’t care. i’d be annoyed, but that would be the extent of it.

    jason- yup. not just a fight. a dork fight. the best kind.

    shyguy- yeah. that’s a good idea. like a perezhilton for make money bloggers. post pics of unflattering pics of johnchow and shoemoney.

    gerri- i aspire to grow this blog one day to have a feud of my own. how awesome would that be.

    jeff- i personally don’t have an opinion either way. i hope entercard does well tho. cause i enjoy all the junk traffic they send me

    funked- it would have been better if graham just didn’t say anything. using the my drunk buddy card is lame.

    trisha- ahh. yeah. i was right the spiderman guy. thanks for clarifying. i personally don’t believe the drunk buddy story. kinda lame. just wish continue this feud. i hope johncow turns his blog into a blog feud blog. i would be a subscriber then.

  8. androo

    GREAT post… I love to see a little blog nerd vs. blog nerd action… even though it was all a hoax (blame game) it’s still a good read!

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