Entrecard is getting spammy

tricia helfer makes money onlineI don’t want to write about entrecard, but i think i will have to address something. I think entrecard is a good source for free traffic. But, it requires you to waste a lot of time dropping cards if you want to become a popular entrecard blog. If you want traffic from entrecard, you have to put in a lot of click work. Also, it’s been getting really spammy lately. I receive a lot of random requests from bloggers who want me to sponsor their blog contest. Dude, don’t do that. Learn to make money online with out begging for freebies.

I was able to tolerate the spam and i since i buy my entrecard credits, i didn’t have any problems with entrecard. That was until a couple days ago. I’ve been noticing a lot of new entrecard members. I know they got a lot of funding, so it makes sense that they are growing. Are they really growing or are people wising up to the fact that gaming entrecard is super easy.

Right now, you can drop cards to earn credits. You also earn credits by the ads you sell on your widget. But, people are disabling images on their browser just to mass chain drop cards. Others are setting up multiple accounts and accumulating multiple credits per drop. People are buying ads on their own blogs to up their ad rate. All of these activities are making entrecard credits more worthless then it is now. I think the guys over at entrecard should do something about this.

entrecard spamI took a screenshot of the new entrecard members. Notice that it’s spammy. Seems like bots are creating these entrecard accounts. Or people are just creating multiple accounts to earn more credits. Not good.

UPDATE 6/22/08

entrecard spamThe spam just keeps on rolling!

31 thoughts on “Entrecard is getting spammy

  1. Eric

    Yeah… I also noticed these sites are popping now.
    I don’t drop, purchase, or even click on these no great value sites. They just present for the purpose of powerdropping and to earn more credits.
    Entrecard management should take actions against these sites.

  2. Rob

    Amen. I can’t get enough of your unconventional writing style, man. You speak the truth, and I look up to that, and hope that I can be the same way when I get my blog off the ground.

  3. Caledonian Jim

    Yes I’ve noticed these sites recently too .

    I suppose it was inevitable as Entrecard increased in popularity but let’s hope they do something about it .

  4. bloggernoob

    caledonian jim- yeah, sucks. i’m sure they’ll do something about it soon. it’d be a shame to let that site be overrun by spammers.

  5. philblog

    I would Like to suggest that lets put a group to request entrecard to put some regulation. I mean A blog should have a worth before entering to Entrecard or some rules that will prohibit acts like this. Caledonian, Rob, eric, do you have any suggestion?

  6. Jesse

    I added a blog to my account that was a legit blog with only 2 entries, but I only update it weekly because it has to do with my village’s local politics.

    Those thought it was necessary to remove it within 24 hours without reason. I have no idea why some of these blogs and sites get away with what they are doing :-/

  7. Graham Langdon

    Anti-spam is our next huge initiative at Entrecard. We’re considering moving to a manual review process and assembling a team to go through and weed out the junk quickly and efficiently.

  8. asithi

    I have to turn down a few of these blogs wanting to advertise on my blogs. I usually visit the site to make sure they are not splogs. But it is annoying to get the same request week after week when I already turn them down previously.

  9. ettarose

    I really do like entrecard and I hope these idiots get out fast. I hate to see a good thing get knocked down because of A-holes out for something for nothing. I also hate getting messages from sites I have never heard of trying to get me to enter their contest. DELETED!

  10. the noob Post author

    philblog- not a bad idea. u should email graham over at entrecard about it. 😉

    witchypoo- hmm. i’ve seen it on blogspot blogs. u should tweak ur firewall. trust me, u will get traffic with entrecard.

    jesse- yeah. if a new blog with only a few posts join, so be it. i have problems with sites that aren’t even sites joing. like the the screenshot above.

    jared- i think it’s natural when a site is new. I think graham and his team have done a pretty good job. He’s up to speed on the reaction of bloggers. he even addressed my concerns here.

    graham- that’s a solid idea. i think you could even ask the community to pitch in. i think a few of my readers would like that opportunity.

    eric- yeah, u gotta stay on top of things. It also helps to be funded. but yeah, graham’s doing a pretty good job.

    asithi- that sucks. i haven’t had questionable blogs buy entrecard ads on my blog. i’d be annoyed.

    ettarose- it’s not as spammy as blogcatalog or mybloglog. i get so many messages from bloggers telling me to join their group or visit their site. It’s all a part of the web. 😉

    graham- good to hear. way to stay on top of things graham. Hey, i was thinking to do a followup interview with you in the next few weeks. You think you’d be game for that? Just talk about how ur site has progressed and the funding process, etc. Let me know.

    chiq montes- not sure. i think it’s just idiots trying to create their own collection of chain drop sites.

    philblog- “mr graham langdon” nice. set up a hot site and you get addressed as mr. Shoot, i don’t get the mr treatment phil? what’s the dilly yo?

  11. philblog

    dilly yo? about the hot site? it’s quite a bit hard but my friend who happens the owner of filipinoonline and i working on it. Is there anyone who already addressed Mr. shoot? About the “MR” word, just a sign of respect.

  12. the noob Post author

    genie princess- no problem 😉

    philblog- haha typo. i meant MR. (new sentence) “Shoot, i don’t get the mr treatment phil? What’s the dilly yo? Jess messing with you phil. 😉 is that a pinay pinoy social networking site? Sounds interesting. Are you part owner of that site? Leave me a link, i want to check it out.

  13. philblog

    whaaa. I’ve type the link 2 times with my comment but it blocks.. YOu got a good spamguard over your blog.. i’ll just email you and please give me an email about any suggestion … (sorry my post is off topic) thanks… by the way jesse just give is defense… hahahha

  14. the noob Post author

    philblog- yeah you gotta have spam blog. if i didn’t have akismet, my blog would be overrun by spam comments. i get like 50+ every day. i got the email, and i will shoot one back to you shorty. cheers!

  15. philblog

    what… 50 plus a day… whew, that a lots of spam comments. My sites doesn’t have a spam comments as of now, I just delete comments when spamming is the reason for posting. Thank you so much for letting my link in… I have sent an email already.. hahahaa I thought my comments were block totally… I really hate spammers so in our forum site, we put a board where spammers are FREELY put anything. Speaking of entrecard I got a really hard on dropping. Our whole small town are just powered by one single shared IP address, two of my friend also blogs and entrecard only allowed 600 drops per IP. whew:)

  16. Haute in LA

    Glad I read this. I’m new to entrecard and I have been taking this painstaking effort to only read and drop on blogs related to my topic, that I really like or those that I think would really be interested in my content. Guess my effort is null if all of this is going on. Thanks.

  17. bloggernoob

    philblog- yeah, during the contest, i received like a hundred spam comments a day. sucks, but spam will always be a part of the internet. I checked out your site. I sent you an email with my observation. 😉

    haute in LA- don’t get me wrong. Entercard is still a great site for traffic. Just need to control the spam entries and chain droppers and spam messages.

  18. philblog

    Thanks for an email reply. I really appreciate it.

    I visit some of the entrecard new listers and I found some written on blogspot that has only 5 content post.. on which it is last 2007 – 3 post, April 1 post and Feb. 1post. – How can someone expect to have entrecard traffic with his last post last april, haahahha he didn’t even try to write one post this june before entering to entrecard… or maybe he just need some credits?????

    Another one has only 2 post, 1 last october and 1 last August… whhheeeww!!!

  19. shaxx

    That is bad. Entrecard used to be really good for genuine traffic but now, if those are really bots than Entrecard need to seriously do something before members shy away from them…

  20. the noob Post author

    philblog- it’s becoming worse. how hard is it to stop these spammers. can’t they just put in a ip address script?

    shaxx- if it gets out of hand, it’ll ruin the site. the value of entrecredits will fall and people won’t bother with dropping.

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