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recommendations.jpgI wanted to give out some link love to the bloggers who show a liitle noob some love by writing recommendations on entrecard. I didn’t ask for such recommendation. They did it out of the kindness of their heart. Or it could be a marketing trick. If, that’s the case, i could learn from ya!

Thanks guys for giving me the strength to keep on blogging. This make money blogger hates kissing ass but i do love sharing love. I feel like i have so much love to give. “Sometimes the snow come down in June…Sometimes the Sun goes round the moon…i see the passion in your eyes…sometimes it’s all a big surprise…” Anyway…this is what they wrote.

operationbob.com-You’d never know this guy was a noob if he didn’t tell you. Unless you know it all about blogging, read the noob.

dandelionsanddaydreams.com/blog-I the noob’s site through entrecard. You will get a daily dose of useful, practical information. A blog about blogging with useful information–what a concept!

RealLifenoob.blogspot.com-The blogger noob is a hero to the underdogs of the blogging world.

stopapathynow.com-Even though my blog isn’t about making money online, I find noob’s site to be very original and insightful and keep coming back to read up on the latest reviews and tips!

scholarpreneur.com-I first saw his blog on the blog catalog website. It’s interesting and very informative. Check it out.

debohobo.com-I enjoy visiting Bloggernoob for fresh ideas from a “beginner’s” perspective. The energy and gogetitness (not a word) of Bloggernoob is a great way to start off any blogging day. I highly recommend this blog over any other old timer blog!-Debo Hobo dot Com

rhyan.net-great blog and a frank author …. it brought me a lot of clicks when I advertise with it.

saphrym.com/blog/-Great information about blogging. I love the 50 day anniversary post. This is definitely one to watch.

jeancosta.com-Awesome content

parttimeblogger.com-Excellent Blog which offers the reader fresh new content everyday.Keep it up Noob!

Thanks guys for the support and for your encouraging words. I received a few other recommendations but they were adult in nature so i couldn’t include it on this post. Very Naughty! I’ll post those on my porn blog. Thanks a bunch guys. Visit these sites out if you have time. If you want to be included in my next entrecard post, please write me a short recommendation on entrecard. Thanks.

I have to plug my RSS Again. Annoying right. If you haven’t done so, please subscribe to my RSS feed.

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