Entrecard strategy to make money online

christina aguilera makes money onlineI really like entrecard. Some of you guys hate it cause it brings in bad traffic. I agree that most of entrecard’s traffic is useless, but let’s not call traffic bad. Any type of traffic is good traffic in my book. Getting hits, even if it’s for a second is better then not getting a hit. And entrecard is easy to use. All you have to do is put up a widget and start dropping cards. If you’re lazy (like me) then you can just buy it. I constantly get traffic from entrecard. It doesn’t com entirely for free tho. I buy entrecards. If you’d rather buy them, you should check out ebay for some deals. Usually you can buy around 1000 entrecard credits for about 3 bucks. Making money online is all about traffic. It’s good to work on every type of traffic. It could all change tomorrow because the internet is constantly changing, but for now, entrecard is a good source of high bounce rate traffic.

In the early stages of entrecard development, bloggernoob used to be one of the most popular blogs on entrecard. I’m still one of the top 24 blogs on that site. Wanna know my secrets?

They’re not really secrets. They’re common sense. I just buy ads on popular entrecards. I think a lot of noobs don’t understand how entrecard works. The popular entrecard blogs are popular in their system because they send a lot of traffic. I see a lot of people trying to buy entrecard ads on sites like johnchow and problogger. That’s just stupid. It’s not going to send you a lot of traffic. It’s a waste of entrecard credits cause it’s over priced. You should stick to the entercard popularity list if you want traffic via entrecard. Also, click on the new tab and buy ads on new blogs. Those ads are the best entrecard investments. They are cheap, and every once in a while, a high traffic blog will register. That is all. Noob out!

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  1. Jesse

    I disagree with you on this a bit. I tend to advertise a lot on the cheap sites because they owners tend to check out your blog to see if they want you to advertise. I get a bunch of traffic to my site this way. Granted, some of this is from people clicking from their drop inbox, but I definitely can see an increase when I advertise on smaller blogs.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t get any sort of clicks from their websites when I advertise, but it sure works better then paying over 1000 credits to get a little bit more traffic.

  2. Taylor

    Great article. Entrecard is also great because it increases your page rank, your ability to be on page one for specific topics, and it gets your site crawled more and indexed quicker. I just wrote an article about it…


    Any interest in exchanging links? It’s a new blog, but I work on it from 6:00 AM to 12:PM and I do a post a day. I also do 600+ drops on entrecard every day. Not only that, for every post I make a video and put it on youtube and metacafe with back links. If you’re interested in the exchange contact me at


  3. the noob Post author

    jeflin- good question! I usually spend around a thousand a day. That’s a little over the ammount i earn per day. But recently, i’ve been spending a bit more. maybe around 500 more per day.

    jesse- i always love people who play the devils advocate. i actually tried that out too. i purchases a lot of cheap ads via entrecard, but i found that to be time consuming. it’s like dropping cards. and i hate dropping cards. But you’re right, a lot of cheap investments might could be better. i still think buying the popular ads is the way to go. If 1000 is too much, u can always purchase the 100-200 credit ads.

    taylor- nice article. as entrecard grows, it’ll be one of the popular sources of traffic. i know graham would be happy if it turned into a digg or stumble. don’t think it ever will tho. i don’t do exchange right now cause i sell it. sorry. u interested in buying a link? 😉

  4. Taylor

    How much would a link cost? Where would it be placed? Would it be on every page including the home page? How long would it be up for? Is it a one time fee?

  5. the noob Post author

    taylor- you can view details on my advertise page. the link would be site wide. it’ll be on every page of my blog. I charge monthly fee of $25 for the sidebar link. 😉

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  7. Great Ways to Make Money Online

    Entrecard can bring you targeted traffic through blogggers looking for new info. That is why I am here, and plus I see your baby face entrecard everywhere! I really think advertising on entrecard is a waste of time. The only reason I am still using entrecard is for their forums.

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