Entrecard.com is for sale

entrecard is for saleIf you want to make money online, you have to constantly be on the lookout. Surf the web and read up on what’s going on in the blogosphere. I was doing my weekly sitepoint rounds and found that entrecard.com is for sale. I was surprised to say the least. I have used entrecard to promote quite a few of my blogs. It is a site that is great for initial traffic. I think that a new owner could take this website/company to the next step. The BIN (buy it out) price is set at a little under a million dollars. Not bad for a website that started with an initial investment of $8,000. Starting bid is at $100k but i think that it will sell for around 500k. If no one bids on this site, i might have to buy it myself for $100k. Good luck to Graham over at entercard on his sale and i am looking forward to his next venture.

On a side note, Google PR has updated on the toolbar. Bloggernoob dot com remains a PR2, and my PR dropped on some sites that i did paid plugging on. But, my link building and SEO experiments have yielded over 20 blogs that have PR3 and up. I am still pretty busy with my offline activities, but i will try to write up some good posts for you guys shortly. Hopefully you will learn how to make money online by reading some of my tips.

Update– I just posted about the sale of Enterecard.com before i went to bed last night. I checked again to see if anyone made a bid, but found that the site is not for sale anymore. So i guess the site is not for sale anymore. Talk about wishy washy.

15 thoughts on “Entrecard.com is for sale

  1. Free Ads

    Entrecard for Free Advertising. Is this the same person who started something like miilion dollar and wiki? Lots of bloggers (and some top one) last year opined that the so called wiki is the greatest invention since the slice bread. VCs are lining up. Hollywood is ready for a movie. Hmm! what happened to that site? It will be nice to check it out in Alexa

  2. Trent Brownrigg

    I noticed yesterday that entrecard was for sale. There are many ways that it could make a lot of money so if someone has the cash to buy it and the drive to make it succeed they could do very well with it.

  3. The Hawg

    I’ve been following the “Entrecard for sale” thang a bit. Seems kind of convoluted right now, as you’ve said. Hopefully things will work out well for both Graham and us Entrecard members regardless of what happens…

  4. johnallan

    Really! Its wonder and amazing.Its a good process to earn money and maintain good traffic.Entrecard is for the intial traffic as to promote your blogs.

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