Envelope Stuffing and Surveys

envel.jpgWhen i was a freshman in high school i sent a check for $39.95 to some random guy. I found a classified ad in the newspaper about making money by stuffing envelopes. A few weeks passed and i received a cheap plastic binded book in the mail. I wouldn’t even call it a book, it was more like a 11 page photo copied flyer. Basically it instructed me to do the same thing random guy did. Told me to purchase some classified ads and mail out a 11 page photocopied book to the poor sucker. I was so mad. I felt like a total loser and i wanted to do something. I didn’t want to tell anyone cause it was rather embarrassing. It was a scam.

I surf the net and i see this type of scam around every corner. Make 200k from your laptop in Hawaii. Purchase my secret ebook and learn the secrets of the reverse funnel system…blahblahblah. These people who run such sites make money off of people who don’t know. Basically noobs who are first starting out in the web business. Remember the general rule, if it sound ridiculous then most likely it is.

When i first landed on johnchow’s site i first thought it was a scam. Then i went to shoemoney’s site and i saw the huge google check and my eyes popped. I still thought i was some sort of scam but i was interested.

I become to read more and more then decided to try it out. Im in my 1st month and i know that its not a scam. How do i know? Because you have to do real work. Blogging is not a get rich scheme. It is actual work.

You say “Noob, i don’t want to do work.” I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t either. The reason i continue is because i know that if you grow you website, you can make money off of it. It can generate daily and monthly income and also you are building up an asset. It will become something you can sell later. Look at cashquests selling for $15,000.

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