Every blogger should timescape

clock.jpgI read a book about timescaping while i was a student at university. It’s an obvious idea but one we rarely put to practice. Basically, timescaping involves making a schedule of your day. Write down how many hours you want to spend blogging, watching tv, working out, studying, paying bills, etc. Get in the habit of following that schedule.

This isn’t really necessary for people who work 9-5, or for student cause they already have a schedule that is dictated to them. For small business owners, this is mandatory. It’s hard to push yourself when you’re your own boss. Nobody will be on your case, so you could easily get lazy and put off your work.

I honestly believe this is the main reason that small businesses fail. People can’t make the transition from having a boss to being their own boss. Timescaping can help you get back on schedule.

You say, “i started my own business so i don’t have to follow a schedule.” Good point. You don’t have to always follow it, but it helps to use it as a guide. You can put off an hour of doing taxes today, but make sure you work on it for two hours the next day.