Every Make Money Blogger Says This

highhorse.jpgEvery make money blogger says one thing and one thing only, “Do what I do.” I too am guilty of this sin. I guess i do it cause i think i figured out something. I guess making a few bucks turns bloggers into arrogant pricks. I should get off my high horse. I want to make my peace with you all and say i’m sorry. I’m sorry for bragging and boasting about my recent traffic boost. I’m sorry for being so satisfied with myself for making it (temporary) back on the entrecard popular list. I’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry.

Believe me when i say, that i’m still very much a blogger newb. I still don’t know a lick about coding, and i still don’t know how to drive traffic to my blog. I try to consistently work hard on my blog, but i honestly don’t know what i’m doing. I could probably pretend that i do(like every other make money blogger) but i want to be honest. In my 4 months of blogging, i’ve learned one thing. It’s that blogging strategies are mere opinions. Even if i flash a commission check or a screen shot of my traffic, it doesn’t mean i figured out anything. Blogger do this to give the illusion of competence. Don’t be fooled by these Copperfield like tricks.

What i like most about my blog is that it’s very casual. It’s starting to grow and it’s becoming more fun cause you guys are giving my blog more attention. I get excited cause i think that more hits will make me more money. It probably will, but who know. And i’m hopeful that i can continue to grow this blog, but im also insecure. How can i keep this up? I’m starting to run out of ideas.

It got me thinking…what if i turn into a johnchow wannabe. What if this blog turns into a blog that even I wouldn’t read. I’m starting to understand why make money bloggers try to sell their blogs when it’s on the rise. It’s probably cause they can’t maintain that level. I think even johnchow is having trouble maintaining his traffic level.

Why the downer post? Sorry, the noob is a moody blogger. Don’t worry about me tho. I won’t quit. Why quit? I still make over a thousand bucks a month with this blog. I’m just saying that i will lower my expectations with this blog. I thought that maybe i could push my monthly earning to over 3000 with this blog. But that is no longer a goal of mine. My new goal is just to maintain the income i’ve been getting.

Why am i telling you all of this? I’m not trying to tell you to “do what i do.” I’m saying that i’ve realized that limits of the make money blog scene. That’s why i’m starting to branch out into other internet ventures. Making money online is GREAT. It doesn’t just have to be with a blog. It can be a service site or an ecommerce site.

Anyway, my wife to be just bought me Guitar Hero 3 on Nintendo WII. I want to do a jam session before i turn in. Noob, out.

15 thoughts on “Every Make Money Blogger Says This

  1. witchypoo

    I know you don’t do coding, but it would be so easy to put in a home page link. Really. That’s the thing I forgot to mention in how to improve your blog.

  2. black.pixie


    Whatever decision you make about this blog, is cool. I, for one, really enjoy reading it and I think you kinda filled a void that Kumiko left when she owned Cashquests. Not only that, but I was here when you first started this blog and it’s good (and encouraging) to see how things are going for you.

    Find a level you’re comfortable with, listen to your gut (as you have) in regards to where you wanna go, and walk your own walk.

    take care Nooby Noob…

  3. Tamera

    Well. I think that you should toot your own horn. Your allowed to be happy about your successes, and I’ll tell ya, that no one else is going to toot it out of the goodness of their hearts. I really think that you have some great ideas, and you dare to put them out there. That is one of the keys to success, as most are too timid. You’ve got a clean layout here, and it invites to come back. Keep up the good work, noob.

  4. Jay

    Honestly man, just be yourself and just do what you do. I wrote that people should NOT try to be like the Chow’s, Rowse’s, etc.

    But if you do venture off doing other internet stuff, let me know. I’d be interested in collaborating.

    Also, another good option is forums…

    Oh, Guitar Hero is crazy! I was jammin’ on that when I first played it! It’s addicting man…


  5. Chica

    Your doing a whole lot better then most, and I would hate to see this blog turn johnchow like. In fact I’m sick of seeing his name everyway.. he’s all over the place.

    You still have 170 readers, that’s good, seems it dropped a bit like mine, today I woke up and had half the readers on both blogs, that I had yesterday. :/

  6. Jeff - buzzmyblog.com

    I think all of us “newbs” (as opposed to “the noob”) need to stick together. There are enough of us that we should be able to help each others’ sites thrive. John Chow will run out of ideas on his own. But as a group, we should be able to come up with ways that keep all of our blogs fresh and exciting. Right?


  7. the noob Post author

    juha- thanks for the support juha. because this blog is a make money blog, some of my posts are uninspired. writing uninspired posts are a drag. i can’t help it causei need to write paid posting for make the bucks. and i need to make the bucks to make more bucks. i still try to have fun with this blog. i really appreciate your support.

    witchypoo- you think i should add a homepage link? but if they click on my header, it’ll take them back to the homepage. you think i should still add a homepage? i know i know damn monkeys. hey, how did the exam go?

    blackpixie- pixie, you were there from the beginning, i want to say that i really appreciate it. without the encouragement and support from you and a few others in the early stages, i think i might have quite this blog. thanks.

    tamera- thanks. i guess it’s ok to brag to your friends. just not all the time :)

    jay- i agree, don’t clone the big boys. i’ll let you know about my other internet ventures. im working a two pretty big projects. the bill keep going up. so far, i’ve invest around $27,000 into those two. one is a real estate development website. the other is a ad network for bloggers. i’ll let you know how it goes. yup, guitar hero is the bomb. i like dance dance revolution too. get me some exercise.

    chica- thanks chica.i wouldn’t worry about the feed count, feedburner does that every once in a while. it doesn’t reflect the actual feed count. i think it’s a bug with either the email subscribers or one of the feed readers. it’ll correct itself in a day or two. i heard your hubby. he’s a total geek! no wonder he made you enter my pmp contest. :)

    jeff- yup. the newbs gotta loook out for each other. help each other and support each other. the big guys aren’t going to do it, so we gotta. thanks for the support.

  8. Forest Parks

    I love your blog and I don’t find your so called ‘bragging’ at all offensive.

    I pick and choose my advice. You give me some great tips but like you said different things work for different people and sometimes we just don’t know why.

    At present I don’t earn a thing from my main blog http://www.therandomforest.com but I do earn about $600 from my PPP blog http://www.therandomforest.info. I am diversifying my portfolio and starting to build many revenue streams in the hope that a 6-8 hour day will bring me my $1000-$2000 a month as I just took the crazy risk of quitting my job for all this.

    I think if I want to make it in the online world I need to pay attention now while I am young and get to expert level before it gets even more saturated.

    I look forward to your next brag or pitch. Your success gives me hope.

  9. Jared Stenzel

    Way to be honest. I know coding website design and how to get large amounts of traffic, but I stink at blogs. It’s just a matter of what you need to do to make your money online. My content I publish usually on a site and I get paid per views. While I make about $300-$400 a month it’s because of my ability to get users to my content. Freelance coding is another thing I like to do, as it can pull in a nice check if you know what you’re doing. You succeed differently. You don’t need 10,000’s or 100,000’s of views on a single article to make a decent income, you need to keep your current readers happy. You may think that the things you are lacking are important but I’m here to tell you, they aren’t. It’s just a matter of completing what you need to complete to succeed in your field of choice. I’m looking to expand and learn to blog, whether you think so or not, your posts are great and always helping me out with new ideas on what I should or shouldn’t be doing with my blog.

    Thanks for blogging!

  10. Chica

    Hubby had to laugh at your comment, he is indeed a geek, but not the kind that has glasses, pen protectors, or even suspenders, if he did.. well I’m not so sure about that..LOL

  11. the noob Post author

    forrest- i think it’s really brave what you are doing. and i am routing for you. would you be interested in an interview? i think it would be cool to ask you a few questions. i think some of my readers would be interested as well.

    jared- jared, i need some coding done, what are some website you’ve set up? Do you have a portfolio i can look at?

    Chica- haha. when i say geek, i say it as a total compliment. i don’t picture him to be like bill gates geeky. more like steve jobs geeky. 😉

  12. Jared Stenzel

    The noob, no portfolio just some coding knowledge. Have the ability of making pretty good sites though. I’ll do it free which is a good offer as even new coders usually charge. My email is published in your logs, send me an email with specifics and what you would need me to do.

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