Every post is a money making opportunity

post.jpgThis is a make money blog so pushing money making ideas, products, and services is not frowned upon. If you’re blog is about pokemon, it’s probably harder to sell something with each post. But if you really want to monetize your site, that’s exactly what you should be doing.

Every post should have at least one link to an affiliate. It should blend well with your post and stay on topic. I talk about my PPP earnings and place a PPP link. That’s how people join. They click. Don’t be lazy and not include a link in your posts. This is all pretty basic stuff, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t stick with the fundamentals.

It’s easier to sell or recommend something that you believe in. The person reading your post can tell by how your post is written if it’s a product that you really like. Don’t push products that you don’t believe in. I’m not a fan of ebooks so i never push deal dot com to my readers. I probably could and maybe even get some extra cash but i choose not to cause i’d rather focus on something else. I think this works out better in the long run.

My biggest money maker is CJ and it’s a shame that they don’t offer affiliate referrals right now. I think if they did, i’d have a lot of sign ups already. My second biggest moneymaker is PPP and i already made $165 in referrals from them. The reason i got so many referrals is cause i convinced my readers that it’s a good service. They can tell by my frequent posts about PPP and by the way i wrote the articles.

Try to get in the habit of putting at least one applicable affiliate link in each of your posts.

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