Excuses for selling a make money online blog

jennifer aniston sells vitamin water and makes money onlineAnother “make money online” blog is up for sale. This time around it’s “bloggin-ads.com” who is exiting this dirty niche. During my short 8 month blogging career, a lot of “make money online” bloggers have sold their blogs. Most of them stated some sorry excuses. “I want to sell to someone who will take it to the next level” and “I’m busy with other projects” are popular excuses. “I have medical and or credit card bills to pay” is another one. “I love my MMO blog but i just don’t have time for it” is another dishonest excuse. MMO blogs are sold because they’ve reached a limit. The blog owners won’t sell unless the blog was going downhill. They squeezed all the juice out of that blog and they want to sell the the dry juiceless pulp that’s left over. The only reason i would sell this blog would be if “i lost interest and i don’t think it’s worth my time anymore cause it won’t make me any more money.”

Bloggin-ads.com is a nice site. The site has a nice design and good stats all around. The only thing is that the domain name sucks ass. I think there’s already a prominent MMO blog called bloggingads.com. I wish the blogger good luck with the sale. I wonder how much it’s going to go for. My guess is that it’ll fetch around $5,000. Give or take a grand. Here is a list of blogs that sold during my blogging tenure.

onemansgoal.com sold for $10,000 -never heard of this blog until i saw him kiss johnchow ass at therookieblogger’s experiment.

cashquests.com sold for $15,000 – was my favorite blog before it sold. Now it’s a piece of shit. The company that bought this blog spent 15 large to convert the blog into a parked site. I don’t get it. Come to think of it. The blog wasn’t even that good before it sold. I guess i just liked the fact that the blogger could have been a cute japanese exchange student. I have a big time Japanese exchange student fetish. It turns out that that Japanese girl was a fat American dude. Damn those dirty Yanks!

johncow.com sold for $25,000 – Used to be a good blog until the blogger went MIA. It became a guest blogger blog. I don’t think i’ve checked out cow’s blog for months. Didn’t even realize it sold until i researched to make this list. 25 large? Talk about over paid. Yikes. Not sure if there’s any more million euro pages to be sold to make 25 grand back. The new blogger better come up with a new pyramid scheme or something. You can buy a fully loaded Honda Accord with that kind of money.

bloggingexperiment.com sold for $15,000 – The old blogger, ben whats his face was a total puss. He was the johnchow posterboy. He kissed enough ass to sell it to a blogger called Max. I read one post from Max. He’s better then Ben, but seems like he’s full of shit. At least he doesn’t kiss chow’s ass. I’ll take bullshitter over ass kisser anytime. At least it became a better blog.

bloggingfingers.com sold for $6,000 – this blog started the sellout trend. I think the MMO blog bubble burst around this time. I think this blog sold around 7 months ago. It was returned to the original owner. Don’t know the skinny on this, but do i hear a “refund?”

blogohblog.com sold for $10,000 – Never heard of this blog.

dailyblogtips.com sold for $168,000 – WTF?????? What mental case bought this blog for 6 digits? Questionable. Anyone want to buy bloggernoob for 40 million?

A lot of other “make money online” blogs sold during my 8 month blogging career. Those blogs were not worth mentioning here on this list cause i couldn’t find the prices. A lot of private sales. Also, you guys shouldn’t believe these prices. Who knows what they really sold for. Who knows if it even really sold at all. The blogger could have just handed it to a friend and stated the purchase price. It’s like those stated income loans that got our real estate market to burst.

19 thoughts on “Excuses for selling a make money online blog

  1. The Masked Millionaire

    Your right to warn people about being wary about the price these blogs sold for. Who knows…It is the internet after all.

    And why would you pay so much?

    Make money online sounds good…but I think most people talk a big game but very few live up to the title.

    The Masked Millionaire

  2. the noob Post author

    masked millionaire- Exactly. internet marketers, make money online bloggers, porn site owners. all a bunch of sleazy liars. 😉

  3. Eric - InfiniteWebProfit

    What do you think the new owners of these sites expect after they purchase the site (if they really do)?

    Are these new owners of the blogs telling to their readers that “I’m the new owner & bought this blog n this 5digit amount?”

  4. Bro Alex

    Blogs are profitable with a lot of hard work involved. They can get up to some level, where most of the bloggers get stuck ! That is the hardest part of it all to break the 60,000 Alexa barrier.

  5. Shafar

    I think these ‘big sellers’ dont have real blogging spirit. They might have set a ‘money target’. And if it is not gonna be achieved, sold out.. Feel pity…

  6. jeflin

    When the interest wanes, and whatever money is squeezed dry, selling out is the best option for them.

    To each his own, but the next time they start a blog, I don’t think readers will be willing to give their full support. Don’t know when they will sell out again.

  7. Susan

    I agree and disagree. Some sites were sold for much more than they were worth, but I don’t necessarily think that a site that sells is making an excuse to sell because it’s going downhill. Maybe just half of them 😉

  8. PLAYTHERE.com

    I am reading all these “rants” about ppl who sell their MMO are essentially selling out but isn’t one major point missed here; MMO is there to MAKE MONEY! If it makes more money being sold than operated, then isn’t it still meeting the purpose of MAKING MONEY?

    This article sounds more “green with envy” and “holier than thou” each time I read it.

  9. Holly

    I have a make money online blog, mostly for beginners, but I have it because I like it. I would like you only sell it if I got bored with it.

    I just can’t believe how much people pay for some of these site, at the same time I’m not surprised.

  10. Forest

    I just started a blog on blogspot yesterday…. wanna buy t for $150,000? It’s had almost 3 visitors since this morning and one of them was my mum :)

  11. the noob Post author

    jan alvin- could be.

    eric infinite web profits- some choose not to disclose the purchase price.

    desmond- yeah i do. but i’d pick angelina jolie over her. she’s hot. naw, don’t say that. ur blog is coo.

    bro alex- true, but it’s not all about alexa. this blog used to be 50k alexa. that changed with the recent updates. but anyway, it’s not really about the ranks. it’s about how much a blog can consistently make. it’s about traffic.

    shafar- i think it’s cool to sell. if it makes money for them, that’s great. just don’t think MMO blogs are that valuable. mind you, i don’t value bloggernoob.com to be high either.

    jeflin- i think it’s similar to sports stars leaving too late. blogs never seem to sell on the upswing. always when it’s going down, do they sell. probably could fetch more bucks selling a blog when it’s on the rise.

    susan- true. it’s with anything bought or sold. “i don’t want to buy anything, sell anything, or process anything as a career. i don’t want to buy anything sold or processed, sell anything bought or processed, process anything sold or bought” anyone?

    playthere- yes. mmo is all about making money online. green with envy and holier then thou? no way. im christian.

    holly- that’s good. if you enjoy it, power to you. that’s really important in blogging. i think that’s where most bloggers quit. they don’t enjoy writing what they write.

    aotsfz- ok. is that your book?

    forest- another blog forest?

  12. Tots

    I smell something weird about this sale of bloggin-ads

    Nothing personal but I did see him comment about not being able to afford VPS, etc… and now he’s trying to tell everybody that his site is running on dedicated at 300/month.

    I could swear I saw his comment somewhere…
    By the way, dailyblogtips.com sale was an April fools joke

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