Famous for being famous

famous.jpgI think our society has dropped to this. We live in a culture that adores and worships celebrity. Being famous used to be about talent. It used to mean something. Only a few people were considered famous. But now, every Tom, Dick, and Harry are famous. I think reality TV and youtube is most responsible for this.

Paris Hilton. She’s famous why? Honestly don’t know. She used to be in porn. At least that’s how i know who she is. She has a famous last name. She is a singer, dancer, movie star, video game vixen, internet celebrity, ex con, and legendary porn star. She was able to do what Pam Anderson hoped to do but failed at. I think it’s timing. I think if Pam Anderson’s sex tape got out during the youtube era, she would be like Paris Hilton. Anyway, we see this in the blogging arena as well. Blogging has come a long way. It’s established itself as a major media player. It still has some time to catch up to the big boys but it is climbing at a fast rate.

I trash bloggers who are famous just cause they are famous. I think johnchow is a great example. I never heard of him until i read kumiko’s blogspot blog. Back then he was only make a couple grand a month. I didn’t know that he also ran a tech blog. I didn’t know he made a few grand from alladvantage(father of agloco) years ago. Even tho i didn’t know who he was, i got wind of it quick cause i started my own blog. He is famous now just for being famous. Most people who run blogs will probably agree that his blog sucks. It’s just a bunch of paid posts. He made 30k last month and over half of that was in private ad sales. He charges 450 per pop. Obviously he’s doing a lot of paid plugs. But his blog remains popular why? Cause all the noobs find out about his blog. They drool over his monthly earnings and think they can do the same. They think he’ll teach them the secrets. They think by advertising on his blog, they’ll make the same kinda cash. Idiots.

I say this cause i want to be famous for being famous. Do you realize how easy it is to make money when you’re famous. If i become an internet make money celebrity, i think 30k a month will come easily. I’ll ride around in a hummer and attend all the conventions too. It’s all about publicity when you become famous. When you become a famous blogger, you’ll get visitors without doing anything. People will visit your blog just cause it’s a famous blog. Don’t even need much content. Just post a bunch of cat pictures with short captions. It’ll get a million hits. Make some shitty affiliate progams(auctionads, TTZ media) and have suckers join and get more money. The make money blog economy is a bubble economy. If a lot of the noobs stop paying for worthless crap, many of the A-list bloggers would go broke.

Internet fame is easier to achieve then reality TV fame. You don’t need to be good at anything. Just need one stupid video, or one killer post. I’m already an internet celebrity. My youtube video got over a million hits. People in Germany love me. See how easy it is? Whatever the noob can you, you can do better!

7 thoughts on “Famous for being famous

  1. killian

    that is so right, I mean, Paris Hilton is a socialite, that means famous for nothing lol
    well, I can’t say I do not visit these famous blogs, like shoemoney for example, and I definitely agree that those famous bloggers sometimes don’t have a good content

    I really want to make money online, I am alreadymaking money with my templates, my blog is still very new and hopefully I’ll be making more money with it than with the templates, I don’t think I’ll ever get famous, but well, I’d rather have money and be a stranger lol

  2. whydowork

    “The make money blog economy is a bubble economy. If a lot of the noobs stop paying for worthless crap, many of the A-list bloggers would go broke.”

    It’s been this way online for years. Not sure how long you’ve been involved since you classify yourself as a noob, but I’ve been working online for about 7 years.

    There have always been scams, but in the last two years things have gotten a lot worse. I can remember thinking “WTF” when everyone was paying for pixel ads on the million dollar homepage.

    I did lose a lot of respect for J Chow when he was pushing the paid wiki’s which were ’07’s scam on the noobs.

    But as the saying goes

    Power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely! 😛

  3. the noob Post author

    killian-although i was being sarcastic with this post, i really do believe that fame helps when monetizing a site. i don’t think i want people to see me out on the street and say, “hey noob, you’re that make money blogger!” but i think it does help to make money online if you’re famous.

    chica- totally agree. we live in a sad sad age. when b,c list actors from the 80s go on the surreal life to try to make some money. a few make it and most just end up looking sad. but what can they do. they gotta pay the mortgage somehow.

    whydowork- 7 years? damn. you’re a seasoned veteran. i could learn a lot from you. i think there are a lot of such scams posing as money making programs. i think that’s why the term “internet marketer” has such a bad tone. thanks for visiting and commenting on my humble blog. i always appreciate your advice.

  4. Living on Adsense

    I have actually never been to John Chows site before. I am trying to march to my own drumbeat and do not want to be influenced by these big name bloggers.

    Besides if I started to be anything like John chow people would start hating me.

    Don’t hate me…please

  5. the noob Post author

    livingonadsense- i think you should check it once once. it’s a nice blog. it’s just isn’t anything special. it’s just another make money blog. it’s good that you’re trying to find your own way with your blog. most make money blogs are clones of jc. i think there are more people who love johnchow then hate him. they love him so much they paid him 450 dollars.

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