feed the burner

feed.jpgI don’t post my feedburner stats on my blog cause it’s rather embarrassing. I was working it with around 20 subscribers for the past few week. Not good but understandable for a blog that is around a month old. I made a jump yesterday in my readership. I am now at 44 readers and hopefully i can keep climbing. Once i get around a hundred readers i’ll put the feedburner stat up next to my subscription link. I haven’t tried to increase my readership yet. I will focus on doing so this month.

RSS subscriptions are important cause they help you quote a higher price for your ads. It also helps when you want to sell your site. I don’t plan on selling this blog but if i wanted to, i would get my readership up to around 200. Then i would maintain my income for around three months at $700/month. If i do this, i could probably sell the blog for around 7 thousand dollars.