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embethMonetizing a blog consists of affliliate marketing and private ads. You probably also need to do some paid plugs to make money online. When you write these sponsored plugs, you need to quickly put up some filler posts.

Filler posts don’t have to be a complete waste of space. They can contain little tidbits of info or be something entertaining for your readers. They can have personal messages or be used to work your SERPS. For this post, i wanted to focus on SEO. I think it can be a useful strategy to work the search engines via your filler posts. Remember that you have to constantly hit your key terms. Try to work those search terms in organically. Don’t force them. By using your filler posts google friendly, you’re opening up your blog to more search engine traffic. And traffic is what this game is all about. Hit your keywords in your filler posts and you start making money online with you blog.

6 thoughts on “Filler posts make money online

  1. james

    If you guys really want money then do some work for it and get it, nothing comes free in this world.. i work in a data entry field and make $20 per work i complete.
    This is the company’s add bellow.

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    On the other hand, you should meet the following requirements:
    – be able of typing, at least 15 words/min
    – be able to follow instructions and guidelines
    – have the will to learn and reach goals

    You will need
    -a computer with internet connection (not too slow)
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  2. the noob Post author

    forest- i looked into that a few months ago. gotta try it out one of these days. nice post forest

    james- email me, i might be interested.

  3. Forest Parks

    Hey Noob,

    If you wanna see how it works out for you then….

    Fire over two or 3 subjects and I will find the best keywords for you and see them back for you to test. Then you can see if it works for you.

  4. the noob Post author

    forest- cool. well my blog is a make money online blog, so i’m looking for money, blog, “make money online” type subjects. let me know what it delivers. thanks

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