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fillerposts.jpgEvery blogger has at one time or another done posts that were filler posts. Filler posts make paid posting easier and filler posts give your blog content for people with A.D.D. What are filler posts? Filler posts are posts that are short and sweet. They contain little tidbits or news flashes. Filler posts are appetizers. Filler posts are those little square boxed articles you see in magazines. Not important but very entertaining. Most times, i rather read a filler post as opposed to the lengthy Pillar posts.

I’ve read a lot about pillar posts on other people’s blogs. How it’s crucial to grow deep links. How it’s what separates you from other blogs, etc. I have to disagree. I think filler posts are the ones that makes your blog unique. Pillar posts are important, YES! I totally agree. But there isn’t much room for flexibilty or originality cause these are Pillar Posts. Pillar posts are pretty much generic. They have to cover the standard blogging or make money issues. All of that info has been hammered to death by thousands of other make money bloggers. Can’t really get too creative with Pillar Posts. On the other hand, filler posts can be tweaked to your blogs personality. Filler posts are the fun reads. These are the posts that will bring you repeat visitors. Pillar post is the skeleton of your blog and Filler post is the persoanlity. One could even argue that filler posts acts as the soul of the blog. Huh?

Anyway, it would kinda be unfair to tell you what makes a great filler post. Not unfair to you, but unfair to me. I’ve worked my arse off trying to figure out my blogs personality. But if you guys really want to know, i might post again about this topic. Guess you gotta come back to check it out. :)

11 thoughts on “Filler posts

  1. Chica

    Ya know, I love reading, but when it comes to blogs, I don’t like long lengthy posts, I won’t read them, I might read them if they are funny, but it can be guaranteed I skip speed read. I like short easy to read, mainly because I read so many.

  2. Jackie

    I have to agree with Chica. As much as I like any kind of Blogger, if their posts go on and on and on and on then I just get bored and skip to the juicy stuff. 😀

  3. Wendy

    Love the concept.

    My whole problem is figuring out my blog’s pesonality Hahaha

    Actually did a filler post the other (kinda long though) while I work on a series I want to put together.

    Need to another to keep it up todate so now debating what to add

    Good article

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  5. Living on Adsense

    Filler posts sound interesting, but do you think it could be a challenge to integrate them into a blog that does not contain them already to create kind of a “Make Money tips/ Personal Rant” blog?

  6. the noob Post author

    chica- i knew u would like this post chica. filler posts are awesome. i think our generation and our future generation will all have A.D.D

    jackie- me too. if it’s too long, i feel like i’m doing homework.

    wendy- thanks. hang in there, you’ll find your blog personality. i like the post. thanks wendy. and i love your burgers. square meat. i love it. that’s why i love spam. yummy!

    livingonadsense- of course! everything and anything is worth a shot. let me know how it goes.

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