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make money online like steve jobs and blogging jobsI just got a blogging job. A couple of months ago, i send out a few emails to inquire about blogging jobs that were available. I didn’t think much about it. I just sent it out to see if any of them would bite. I got a few replies stating that they are not hiring any bloggers at the moment. Today, i received an email letting me know that a position has opened up. After a few emails to discuss the terms, i took the blogging job. I wanted to share with you guys this news because finding a blogging job is a good way to add to your online income. Make money online with your blog and add more income by finding a job blogging on someone else blog.

Finding a blogging job is easier then you might think. You should obviously be familiar with blogging to take a blogging job. In order to get a job blogging, all you have to do is find jobs that are available. Cool, where do you find available blogging jobs? Easy! Bloggernoob has made a list of sites for finding blogging jobs.

List of sites to find blogging jobs.

Problogger’s job board – He’s the problogger for a reason. The guy is a money making machine. His job board makes him an additional 15 hundred or so a month. Anyway, the job board has some cool blogging positions available.

Bloggerjobs dot biz – This blog is updated frequently and has a solid info on jobs that are available to bloggers. It’s worth checking out.

Blogwork – This site captures all the relevant RSS feeds for jobs blogging. It has a lot of positions open for blogging looking to add online income.

Performacing’s job forum – This popular blog has a forum with a lot of blogging job openings.

Freelancewritinggigs – This site is not just for blogs or jobs blogging, but you’ll find some cool blogging jobs here.

Aboutfreelancewriting – Another freelance writing site that features jobs for bloggers.

Authorityblogger – Authorityblogger has a forum that sometimes has jobs that are available to bloggers.

Getafreelancer – Great place to find freelance coders and programmers. They also have a section for copywriters and blog writers.

Elance – Similar to getafreelancer and scriptlance. You’ll find blogging jobs here.

Scriptlance – Another site where you can find freelance coders, designers, writers. You can offer your blogging services or pick a job that interests you in their threads.

Forums at digitalpoint – The mother of all webmaster forums. I use DP for so many things. They have a bunch of threads with people looking to hire bloggers.

Sitepoint – Another go to place for webmasters. You’ll find some blogging jobs in the looking to hire forum.

You know my position on making money online. I’m all about multiple blogging and joining up with all the ad networks. I think it’s great to have a lot of options. Finding a blogging job is another option when it comes to making money online. And, if you take these blogging jobs, you’re adding your online income. Of course it does take time away from your own blogs, but this is an option to look into if you want to make money online. If you guys know of any other places to find jobs blogging, please let me know in the comments below. I’ll try to keep this post updated with the best places to find blogging jobs.

28 thoughts on “Find Blogging Jobs to make money online

  1. Majik

    That is quite the list of resources, I’ll have to bookmark this page for future references. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  2. the noob Post author

    sagmondia- thanks. glad u found it useful

    majik- no problem. i’m glad u liked the list. thanks for bookmarking the page. 😉

  3. Renee

    I have looked for a comprehensive list like this for so long. You have no idea what a God send this post is for me. Thanks so very much. BTW I found you through blogcatalog

  4. the noob Post author

    renee- wow. i had no idea. im glad u like the list i made. hope you get some killer blogging jobs. 😉 nice. thank you blogcatalog.

  5. the noob Post author

    mike- thanks buddy. hopefully my readers will get some kick ass blogging jobs to add to the money they make online. 😉

  6. Allyn Paul

    Great list Noob!
    I had a big big company contact me and ask me to write 7 articles for them for their article marketing campaign.
    They paid me very nicely and will want more next month.
    This is part of that “luck” that people talk about in regard to making money online.
    Thanks for your list too!

  7. the noob Post author

    billywarhol- i should set up a celeb pic website just for u.

    eric infinite web profits- it shouldn’t effect this blog. I will have to update a couple of my other blogs. 😉 no biggie.

    chris at synpro- glad u liked the list. hope u get a killer blogging job!

    gerald- haha. u and billy are telling me two different things. i’m stuck in the middle here.

    sudarshan- you’re very welcome

    allyn- good to see you doing well with your blogging venture allyn. Keep it going buddy!

  8. m.dinesh

    Thanx for the list,
    People at problogger who post jobs usually seek high page rank bloggers or experienced blogger.
    I use dp forum to make a little money,
    I usually make about 30$ a month from dp.

    Its the best.

  9. the noob Post author

    m dinesh- that’s great. what type of writing gigs do u do that nets you 30 bucks a month? How much do you price the post? I remember when i first started, i begged on the forums for 5 dollars posts. I was surprised when i got a couple gigs. It’s all pretty amazing. Hope you continue to get paid offers and hopefully you can grow your profits. 😉

  10. No More Compromise

    Awesome list – really great resource. Conside yourself Stumbled!

    The baby picture is kinda scary though, don’t you think?! Brings back all sorts of horror film scenes…. 😉

  11. the noob Post author

    no more compromise- thanks. glad u liked the list. yeah, baby is creepy. that’s my concept. make money online types are creepy. 😉

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