Find new ways to bring in traffic

traffic.jpgBloggernoob first started getting traffic when i joined mybloglog. It wasn’t anything special but, it was bringing me around 20 visitors a day. I started participating in forums like DP and sitepoint and i added more traffic. Then i discovered blogcatalog and started adding around 40 visitors a day. Then i joined entrecard and added another 40 or so to the mix. Now i am focusing on stumbleupon. After stumble, i’ll probably include sphinn, digg, and other such voting sites. You have to keep finding new ways to bring traffic to your blog. That’s the only way you’ll make money online with you blog.

The point is to keep working on getting traffic to your site. Isn’t blogging for dollars all about traffic? Keep finding new ways to add to your traffic count. Continue using your old ways to get traffic and add to it. I’ll work on digg next and after that, maybe sphinn or something like that. The internet is filled with networking sites and other free traffic sources. Look around and keep working on bringing in traffic. Work the search engines too. As you site grows, the traffic will start happenning automatically. But before that, you have to work at growing and keeping the traffic you receive. The only way to do that is by continuing to find new sources of traffic. You do that and you’ll start making more money with your blog.

6 thoughts on “Find new ways to bring in traffic

  1. Forest Parks

    Thanks for the tips.

    I was quiet for a while over the holiday and then I change my URL. I am only getting around 10 visits a day on the new site so have to start the traffic building all over again.

  2. Richard Abelson

    I am stil amazed at how easy it is to get traffic to your site from just participating in discussions..

    This has to be the only time in history you can operate a business and get attention with the least amount of effort.

    All I know is that we are in a unique time and there are so many untapped audiences out there just waiting for you to help them find what they are looking for..

    Pretty Sweet.

  3. the noob Post author

    justindupre- yeah. sometimes short tips are better then long draggin ones. im a fan of short posts.

    forest parks- that sucks. but you’ll get there again. blogging get time consuming. if it wasn’t so fun, i’d quit.

    richardabelson- bravo. another great comment. you’re on a roll. i keep repeating to my fiance, the internet if the future. don’t think of any other type of business. i have offline businesses, but my future projects, i want to focus on the internet.

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