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bloggingpeers.jpgI think it’s important for bloggers to keep an eye out for competition. Great businesses always watch out for their competition. This isn’t just good for businesses, it’s great for consumers. I check up on my make money peers on a daily basis. I do it cause it’s fun to compare and i find that it also motivates me to keep working on my blog. I think this drive and determination to beat your competition is a detrimental part of growth. Don’t think of it as a cutthroat corporate spy game. Think of it as a friendly game of basketball or poker. Think of it as a bet you have to win against your buddy or gal pal.

How do you know which sites are your competition? Well you have to surf the web and find out. BloggerNoob dot com is a make money blog, so naturally i’ll seek other make money blog. All you have to do is visit a super blog in your niche and read the comments. The people who leave comments on those blogs are your competition. Visit each blog and check the ranks. Find one that is similar in traffic, alexa, technorati, etc. and gauge your blog with theirs.

Competing with a blog doesn’t mean you have to hate that blog. You should actually form an alliance of sorts. Email them and exchange ideas. Ask for help or work together on a promotion. I see a lot of small and medium blogs doing this. Most cases these promotions end up becoming very successful.

Here is another treat for those of you who read this post all the way through. Find me a competing blog. Find a blog that you think is similar to bloggernoob dot com. Leave me a comment with a link to their blog. I’ll see which blog is most similar in stats to my own and award the broker by buying a $5 ad on their blog. If i’ve already bought an ad on your blog for Feb, i’ll buy it for March as well. Thanks guys.

8 thoughts on “Find your blogging peers

  1. Wendy

    Your wisdom never ceases to amaze me. And yes I read it all the way through LOL

    Now I have to go check your rankings and do some searching.

    Oh by the way You can still keep your $5

    Did you get a chance to see the last article I put up yet?

  2. Black Zedd

    Good point, after all if we form an alliance with our competitors, our niche readers will be more happy as their choice to read expands.

    The only thing is when the niche is so acute, like mine, finding a comparable competitor is almost impossible.

  3. Living on Adsense

    My stats aren’t as great as your, but one day, yes one day we will be competitors.

    It won’t be like a game of basketball or poker though, more like GI Joe. I’ll be Cobra Commander, and you can be Duke.

    I look forward to the day; and the challenge!

  4. the noob Post author

    wendy-yes wendy, i got your other comment. I think i replied on that post. thanks for the free ad and kind gesture. Thanks for reading the post all the way through!

    blackzedd- if you have an ultra specific niche, you already started on the right track. I’m a noob so i didn’t know any better when i started this blog. If i knew then what i know now, i wouldn’t have started my blogging career with a make money blog.

    jackie- nice site. thanks for the find jackie. and thanks for reading the post all the way through.

    living on adsense- haha. i believe you’ll get there. and eventually surpass me. and my excuse will be, “i’m just a noob”. you just left that comment so you can talk about gi joe right? lol. no worries, i’m a dork too. my claim to fame is barbie and lego videos. i look forward to the challenge too!

  5. the noob Post author

    allyn- thanks buddy. i like sly’s blog. and he’s doing a good job of promoting it. guest posting and what not. even tho i’m not a fan of guest posting, it is a great marketing tool. and FREE!

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