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competition.jpgThey say that competition brings out the best in us. I completely agree with this statement. Sometimes i get jealous or feel a little down when i feel that i’m losing, but most of the time, i get motivated to work harder. When you work out or play any type of sport, you’ll find that you improve when you work out with someone. It’s gives you something to gauge yourself with. To analyze anything, you first need a frame of reference. Blogging is the same.

Find blogs that are in the same niche as yours. Visit those blogs often to see how the competition is doing. Look at what’s working for them and try to improve upon it with your own blog. This will help you set your goals. The important thing is to find blogs that are similar in level as yours. You don’t want to get disappointed by never reaching your competition either. Find a blog that is slighter better. By better i mean, blogs that have a better rank, income, traffic, and popularity. This will push you to reach your goals one step at a time. It’s like playing a game or sport with someone slightly better then yourself. You’ll get better while that superior player gets a little worse. You can only become better at something when you start competing with people who are better.

Make a game out of it. If A blog has X alexa rank, try to beat that rank. Give yourself a realistic time frame and work hard at beating him/her. Even if you don’t reach your goal, you’ll find that you’ve greatly improved your own score. If B blog is making X amount, try to reach and surpass that amount. These exercising will condition you into a better blogger.

I started doing this from the moment i set up this make money blog. I started with smaller blogs and worked my way up to medium sized ones. As this blog keeps growing (knock on wood) i’ll just keep finding bigger blogs to compete against. Some of you may want to compete with this blog. I encourage that. But you better bring you A game, cause the noob is ready to rock.

5 thoughts on “Find your competition

  1. Nick - road2blogging


    Great post thinking about this as I was surfing over entrecard and looking for some competition. Agree that Alexa is a great way to measure success and achievement, but also believe in tecnhorati rank and ‘talk’ about your own blog.

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  3. Pace

    Your post just summarised one of the things I have learnt in setting and achieving goals online. If you don’t have an idea of what people are doing online, it becomes difficult for you to determine what to aim for. Also, measuring your progress with certain blogs helps you to know how you are doing.

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    How is it that just anybody can write a weblog and get as popular as this? Its not like youve said anything extremely impressive –more like youve painted a fairly picture about an issue that you know nothing about! I dont want to sound mean, here. But do you truly think that you can get away with adding some pretty pictures and not genuinely say anything?

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