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make money browserWebmasters usually have a lot of tools that they use. The browser can be one of the most useful. Most webmasters love using Firefox. It’s cause firefox has a lot of great addon that make webmastering easy to do. It’s fast, safe, and secure. Before i started this blog, i was always using Internet Explorer. I used it cause i didn’t know any better. I guess i used it cause it came preinstalled on my computer. But after you get used to setting up website, you will see how much better firefox is.

Webmasters can’t just live by firefox. We have to recognize that a lot of the visitors that swing by our site still use IE. Some even use older versions. Some are trendy mac types so they use safari. If you run any type of website, you better install all three browsers. When ever you set up a new site, or make a tweak to your site, check the site on all three browsers.

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