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firstmchammer.jpgLeaving comments on other peoples blogs is an integral part of blog building. It build relationships and gets traffic to your site. The trick with leaving comments is to make it useful. It’s important to read the post before leaving a comment. I’ve had a few comments left on my blog that were obvious that the person didn’t even bother to read the post. This is a stupid thing to do cause you just invested your valuable time trying to network, but instead created a negative situation. When someone leaves a generic comment, or a comment that clearly shows that the person didn’t read the post, i feel kinda insulted. I won’t bother to click over to that site. I might even add that url to the spam list. It’s would have been better to not leave a comment at all.

When you are doing your commenting rounds, i suggest you do the following. Look for blogs that are new. The newer the better. Virgin bloggers are the ones that will help you make money. This will guarantee a click from that blogger. If you see posts that have zero comments, then be the first to comment. The blogger will certainly appreciate it, and most certainly come visit your blog. Then it’s up to your to get them to click your affiliate links.

There are a lot of blog posts with zero comments. Be the cool guy to initiate contact. This is how relationships are born. It’s like the first day of school. Kids are shy to make friends with the new kid. But the guy or gal that is nice to the new kid, ends up making a new friend. Having friends in the blogging business is a valuable asset. Friends will link to your blog. Friends will help you promote your contests. Friends will join your affiliate links. Best of all, making friends via blogging is completely free. And these type of relationships will be 100 times better then the “friends” you pay for. Paying for overpriced reviews or ads will get your “friends”. But these friends will leave when your promotion money runs out. Look at MC Hammer. And look at all of those johnchow wannabes.

First comments are also important cause, duh!, its the first. You never forget your first. I’m 30 years old and i still remember all of my firsts. My first kiss, first bang, first tongue kiss, first paycheck, first blog, first house, first comment. When leaving the first comment on a blog, make sure you make a great impression. Be super clever. Who knows, that blogger might become a regular visitor. He or she will subscribe to your RSS feed, maybe buy some reasonably priced ads from you, and make you more money with your blog.

You know what they say, it’s better to be the first as opposed to the best. I think with most internet venture, this maxim hold true. Look at problogger, shoe, and johnchow. They were the first. No way are they the best, but they make a lot more money then the best make money bloggers. I don’t even know who the best make money blogger is exactly. But i do know the urls of the firsts.

7 thoughts on “First comments!

  1. witchypoo

    I’m always amazed at how many subscribers you have, and how few comments in comparison. Plus, you offer a random $5 for commenters.
    Oh, and something I hate to see when a person is first in the comments is them crowing “First!” and nothing worthwhile to say. FYI, this is the first time I crowed First! Are we sensing a trend here?

  2. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- i think it might have to do with my multiple posts. the comments get spread out. i overwhelm my readers with too many posts. :). it might also be cause the bulk of the people who subscribed, did so cause they wanted to win a prize. i guess bribing has it’s bad points.

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