First month referrals

A great way to earn passive income is through referrals. It’s only been a month for me and but I’ve got some solid number in my referral department. I didn’t even start pushing referrals until about 2 weeks ago. My best performing is once again payperpost. Here are my November and some October stats. I started in late October but i don’t want an uneven cutoff date, so for my future stat reports i will begin and end on the first of the month.

ppp.jpgpayperpost– $135 with 9 referrals

sponsored.jpgSponsoredreviews– $10 with 2 referrals

auction.jpgauctionads– $25 with 1 referral

smorty.jpgsmorty– 5% with 2 referrals

bid.jpgbidvertiser- ? with 3 referrals

Don’t know what the exact dollar amount will be but so far the total stands at $170 with 17 referrals. Not bad for a noob blogger.

8 thoughts on “First month referrals

  1. ArahMan7

    I’m happy for you, but I’m still having nightmares about them whenever I read or hear their name.

    I had bad experiences with them on my very first so-called sponsored post. I took an opportunity reviewing their site and after posting it I heard nothing, not until three long weeks later I received an email from them telling me that I’ve broken one of their ToS or something and they cannot/will not pay me.

    Okay, I can accept their reasoning not to pay me, but to tell me about it three weeks later was uncalled for. Why three long weeks? If I had known, I would have pulled down that post right then and there rather than giving them free advertising space for three long weeks!

    I’ve written many sponsored posts with other sites and I tell you, I’ve never had any problem whatsoever with them.

    What did Rod Stewart said in one of his song? Yeah, First Cut is The Deepest. Their banners are still up and flying on my flag-ship, and I’m going to take an opportunity from them one of these days, but not now. I’m still shaking!

    Good luck to you, BloggerNoob and all the best.

    Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

    p/s This is my experiences. No puns intended to them whatsoever.

  2. ArahMan7

    The latest news I heard, Google now give you many chances how NOT to be punished even though you’ve PPP or TLA. Read this useful informations.

    If you’ve a higher PR which most get paid to blog and text buying sites based on, you can get paid more than blogs/sites with lower PR – my two cents.

  3. bloggernoob

    arahman7-sorry to hear of your with ppp. did they not approve ur first post about ppp? or did u get approved and waited until the payment date and not get paid.

    rhyan-well since i already started with ppp on this blog. i’ve given up on google PR. but PR is not the king of me. i will build up my RSS and build my readership. i can still make money with paid posting and affiliate links as long as people visit the site. screw PR. FYI i plan on setting up another make money blog. on that blog i will stay away from paid posting. i’ll play both fields. thats the great thing about blogging for dollars. it’s so cheap and easy to set up another blog.

    webringet-thanks. im not a fan of adsense. i had adsense up and google banned me. then i put up adbrite and i made like 30 cents from it. so i took it down. doesn’t work with make money blogs.

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  5. Keith Letko

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