First obstacle

transitional.jpgI’m starting to noticed a pattern. My heaviest traffic source is now direct traffic. Before, blogcatalog, or entrecard, or digitalpoint, or sitepoint held the top spot. But now, more people are becoming regulars and thus punch in my url to come to my blog. This is great news for me, but at the same time, i’m experiencing a transitional period. My blog gets less new visitors. Bloggernoob dot com has gets stumbled less. My traffic ranges from 300-580 uniques a day, but i haven’t hit the high mark in quite some time.

I can’t consider my blog to be a new blog any longer. I can’t use the same old new blog tactics and expect to grow my blog. It’s like a child’s education. You can’t keep teaching a high schooler 5th grade education. So i’ve been reading more established blog lately. I’m not talking about popular blogs. I’m talking about medium size blogs who offer actual advice. Even tho the make money niche a lot of shitty blogs, you can still find some gems out there. All you have to do is look around.

I’m noticing a lot of repeat visitors. The number of people who check my blog my multiple times every day has trippled. But new visitors are still the majority and they usually leave after looking at the first page. My theme isn’t all that great, so i think i might need to do a theme upgrade in the coming months.

I used to get a lot of traffic with entrecard, but now i see less from them, and i don’t spend time dropping cards or even placing ads anymore. I think entrecard is for noobs. I recommend it has a great tool for new blogs to start getting traffic, but honestly, as your blog grows, entrecard becomes less and less useful.

Blogcatalog, i still love BC. I think it helps to market a new blog with BC, but it honestly is the best blogging community site. They have great discussions and you really get to know other bloggers via BC. I’ve exhausted my old noob ways of getting traffic from BC. I already have 6000 plus friends that i added and i don’t think i can add any more.

I think i have to start focusing on building relationships one by one again. My affiliate commission is nothing close to what i first started this blog. I think it’s cause i haven’t done the 1 on 1 marketing. Being at this level can make you lazy. I get visitors even if i don’t do much with the blog. But because i’ve been seeing a slump in traffic for the past few days, i plan on putting more energy to get it back up again.

Here’s my plan, i think i should spend more time commenting on other blogs. Instead of focusing on new blogs, i should focus on medium blogs to leave my comments. This will help me connect with my peers and if my comment was useful, i might get a few more clicks. Leaving a comment on a new blog almost guarantees a new visit. But at this stage of my blog, i think it would be better to start marketing to medium blogs.

3 thoughts on “First obstacle

  1. Allyn Paul

    Is it considered direct traffic when I click in to the site through my RSS email? I only ask because that’s how I enter your site daily.

  2. witchypoo

    Define a medium blog.
    I’ve been blogging since November 2007, and am getting over 5,500 page views a month. That’s about half your traffic.

  3. the noob Post author

    allyn- great question. i do not know the answer to this one. i think it would be a referred hit. direct are the ones that are typed in to the browser directly. not 100% sure tho.

    witchypoo- i guess medium is a relative term. i would say a medium blog has around 1000 rss subscribers and gets around 500 uniques a day. i’m not a medium yet. still a small fry.

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