Followers do not make money online

eva mendez makes money onlineWhen i first started in this “make money online” game, i was a fan of bloggers like chow. I was in awe of Ron Jeremy’s mug next to that fat google check. But, i quickly started thinking differently. There is no room for hero worship in this game. If you kiss ass, you won’t ever make the type of cash you want to make. Sure, you’ll get crumbs, but you’re never eat the full course meal. All your hard work will only make your hero bloggers more rich.

I got lucky with this blog. Somehow, i was able to grow my traffic and ranks. I got a lot of cool readers and i was able to make some nice coin. I’m really glad that all of these factors forced me to keep working on this blog. I’m glad that i didn’t quit. Most bloggers in this niche quit. This niche if filled with a bunch of half ass wannabes. Most of these so called MMO blogs don’t make shit. They just ramble on like they are internet gurus. They just spit out the shit they swallowed on chow’s blog. I hope that visual made you feel sick, because the “make money online” niche makes me sick! If you’re a MMO blogger and wonder why you’re not making any money, it’s probably cause you worship a bunch of dorks. You put chow and the rest up on a pedestal. Don’t ever think like that. If you want to gain traction with you blog, you gotta step out on your own. You don’t earn respect by kissing ass. You get it by kicking ass.

If you don’t stand out on your own, you’re gonna just get scammed in this pyramid scheme. I see a lot of noobies blogrolling chow and other useless blogs. For what? They will never link you back. They’re not your friends. You’re only good to them if you click on their ads and visit their sites.

You have to think yourself to be at par with these so called “Blogger Pros.” Think yourself to be better then these guys. Think like a leaders. Think like a winner. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t be a sucker and buy into useless ebook scams. Read up and try things on your own. That’s the only way you will make money online. If you’re reading about a money making scheme on chow’s blog, then you’re already too late. Thousands of his ass kissing clones will try that out. They will all fail to make money with that bogus scam. Don’t be one of those sheep.

I honestly don’t understand bloggers who constantly link to chow. Why do that? If you’re just talking about what happened on someone else’s blog, why would anyone bother visiting your sorry ass blog? I just don’t get it. If the best you can do blog about what other people blog about, then you’re honestly wasting your time. Get out of the blogging game. It’s not for you! If you’re a follower, you WILL NOT make money online.

I’m going to leave you with a quote from Denzel and his Oscar winning performance. “Are you a sheep or are you a wolf? Let me hear it. Woo-woooo-wooo-ahhhwoooo!!!

11 thoughts on “Followers do not make money online

  1. Bcarter

    Why would anyone what to read about what Chow eats every day anyways? I wish people would wise up about this guy, but I really think their who purpose about linking to the big guys is link baiting. Wake up people, reading is good, but doing is better and you’re not going to make ANYTHING reading or doing anything that Chow says.

  2. ChiQ Montes

    you rock noob! although there are blogs i do visit everyday just coz i feel like i can relate to them and somehow they inspire me to do better ..

  3. Jan Alvin

    @Bcanter – all bloggers will say that if they only see the current posts of John Chow but if you will dig deep in his posts, he already revealed some great tips. He just compiled them in an ebook. I have a copy of it.

  4. John Sullivan

    Well said.I don’t sweat anyone online.
    I will have to say that Darren at Problogger is an exception,He answers his emails and is always looking for ways to help the new guy etc.
    All them other jerk offs will sell you out quick.I been blogging 6 months if I was doing this for yrs where do you think I’d be.Time is on our side,they will eventually run out of suckers.I hate Smuckmoney cause he turned on another blogger who was trying to come up and wrote a bunch of unnecessary stuff about him.You don’t kick a man when he is down.I hope that guy banked his money.I will never go on that site again EVER.Money doesn’t impress me Helping people now that is the best way to success.
    Keep up the great work Peace.

  5. Moolahking

    John Chow? Sheesshh..!! Hope he will be sheep one day..

    Woo Woo AhhWoooo..!!

    I’m a wolf..Not a Sheep..!!

    Excerpt from ‘Training Days’

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  7. the noob Post author

    desmond- coo coo. i appreciate it. nothing wrong with link loving.

    drunken dragon- like bruce lee?

    jan alvin- makes logical sense. but most people are comfortable following. won’t make money being comfortable tho.

    bcater- yup yup. doing is all good. i fall into this trap too. i have a mile long todo list, but i’ll be lucky if i get one thing done during my day. If you work hard on your blog, you will see traffic and once u get traffic, u will make money. Most people just don’t like putting in the effort. They’d rather just read about other people making money. And say “damn i want an easy way to make money.” This explains why so many ebook scammers make money online.

    chiq- thanks. i’m a fan of a lot of different blogs. most are entertaining and most bloggers are pretty cool. but that doesn’t mean that you should worship them or kiss their arse.

    jan alvin- his ebook blows! i had a copy of it when i first started this blog. It was just a buck of affiliate links. i printed it out and burned it. (im kidding) i wouldn’t waste paper and ink like that. πŸ˜‰

    john sullivan- im not a fan of darren either, but if i have to choose between him, ron jeremy, and chow. i pick darren. I think blogs that are too popular lose it’s edge. similar to music. to 40 radio sucks ass! Top 40 MMO blogs suck ass. Top 40 anything sucks ass.

    yeah time is on our side. More and more people will enter the internet in the coming year. We’ll be that much more ahead of them. Who knows, maybe another bloggernoob will end up hating my blog and my restaurant reviews in two years time. πŸ˜‰

    moolahking- “king kong ain’t got nuttin on me”

    ocean- “they just spit out the shit they swalloed on chow’s blog” i was pretty proud of that quote. very artist. πŸ˜‰

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