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shania twain can forward my domain any dayI recently bought bloggernoob dot info. I was too cheap to pick up the other TLDs. Who knows, maybe one of you guys will pick up the dot org or dot net. If my blog blows up and i make it big, maybe i’ll have to buy those domains from one of you. Probably not. Anyway, i wanted to write up a quick little opinion piece for yall. Have you ever punched in a domain and be forwarded to another site? A lot of corporate sites do this with a lot of different domains. For example, I forwarded bloggernoob dot info to bloggernoob dot com, so when u punch in bloggernoob dot info, you’ll be sent to bloggernoob’s make money online blog. (that was a mouthful)

Forwarding a domain is easy to do. All you have to do is login to your domain manager and punch in the URL of the site you want your forwarding domain to go to.

When is forwarding a domain name a good idea? For noobies, it’s usually not a good idea. It’s probably better to set up new sites on your domains. But you might want to forward a domain name if you recently bought a domain that receives traffic. A couple months ago, i bought a domain that gets around 75 hits a month. The domain name had some keywords i wanted for one of my web projects. I realized that it was getting hits so i let it forward to one of my other blogs. Forwarding that domain gets new visitors to one of my niche sites. But, if the domain get’s a lot of traffic, you should set up a new site. So even in this case, forwarding is not a good idea.

You might want to forward a domain name if you’re site is under construction. If you’ve been lazy and haven’t had time to set up a site, you should forward that domain to one of your sites. It’s better then leaving it parked on godaddy or something like that.

You should also forward a domain to grow a brand. A lot of the big websites do this with their collection of domain names. Sites like Ebay and Monster dot com have a lot of domain names that are forwarded to their main site. People who own a lot of domain names forward domain that they hold as investments. I was surprised to see that uniqueblogdesigns owns the domain name ““. It actually makes me respect that site more for owning such a gem of a domain.

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    puneet- nice! give it some time and those links should help out your main site.

    roffi- i’m actually saying that forwading domains isn’t a good idea for noobie bloggers. 😉

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