Four letter domains make money online

eva longoria domain namesFour letter domains have all been registered. In the domaining industry, those domain names are referred to as Of course there are still a lot of four letter dot org, dot info, and dot whatever left. The great thing about four letter domains is that they are in high demand. It’s in high demand because they are rare to find. For most of you, buying a “premium domain” is not practical. It’s better to spend that precious money on something else.

I was doing some domain shopping again and found some four character domains that were available. These domains have been dropped in the last couple of months. I hand picked and check them as of today, all of them are available. If you want, you can probably pick one of these up if you’re quick enough. These CCCC.coms are all a nice pickup for the regular registration price. Since my readership is still low, these domains will probably be available until the end of the long weekend. If i didn’t already have enough domains in my collection, i would pick a lot of these domains up. Four character domains will become valuable in time. And they are all dot coms. Some of these domains can be branded and since they have been registered before, it’ll be easier to grow these domains. Here is the list of the four character domains.

6 thoughts on “Four letter domains make money online

  1. Matt

    Nah, I think I’ll stick with blogging for money for the moment, buying domains seems a bit silly if that’s all that’s available. I understand some people might want them but it seems like speculation instead of investing.

  2. nitro2k01

    There are only a ouple of those that are actually really useful, because they can be interpreted as something meaninngful. Eg: cig4/5, 3lots, 49it, 7vs1, 530k and a couple others.
    I thinik I’d have a har time marketing I suspect such domains were originally registsered by phishers so that they could smack something like up your face.

  3. Richard Shorten

    Four letter domains certainly can make you money depending on your buying strategy and willingness to invest in what is considered a highly speculative market. It will be a few months yet before we can fully monitor its true stability post bulk renewal!

    Rich 😎

  4. Martyn

    I’m not sure those domains have much real value, the 4 letter/numbers must be meaningful. If it were a word or txt speak, then yes I would understand why they command such value.

    So I would concentrate on short domains that can be easily interpretated.

  5. the noob Post author

    matt- you should consider it later, when you get more familiar. a lot of scammers in the domain industry as well. but as far as value of domains, it’s basically PR and keywords, or brandable domain names

    nitro- i agree, the ones you mentioned were my favs. actually, i picked up my favs. but those were borderline. i think the others can be useful as a future investment. since they are dot coms, they will all be registered in time. then it will become valuable.

    richard shorten- thanks for your comment. i agree. i’m just starting to get into domaining. i have to admit that it’s pretty fun.

    martyn- yes, but the domains u are refering to cost a lot of money. i’m talking likes of thousands of dollars for just the domain. can you imagine how much blog dot com or fund dot com costs? i think if you can pick up any you should. That’s already valuable. CCCC.coms are not there yet, but i think it’s still have to have a few in your collection.

    jared- yup. LLLL is but you can have fun with CCCCs

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