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freeads.jpgI’m testing my ad feature. I plan on introducing private ads on this blog so i wanted to offer up some free ones to start it off with a bang. If you want your 125×125 ad placed on bloggernoob dot com for free. Leave me a comment. It’s that simple folks. Most everything on bloggernoob is simple. I’ll select the free ads in 48 hours. If i don’t get a lot of takers, i’ll put everybody’s ad up for free. If i get too many, i’ll randomly select the ads. Thanks.

46 thoughts on “Free ads on this make money blog

  1. Moolahking


    I’m In..!! I’m In..!!!

    I want to put my ad in yours..If you want your ad to be placed at mine, do leave a comments in my blog too..!! Hahahaha..!!

  2. bloggernoob

    never too late! thanks guys for wanting to be my guinea ad pigs. i posted this like 40 mins ago. im overwhelmed by the response. i guess you guys really want some ads. :) oh yeah the noob’s middle name is “generous” and my last name is “danger”…wait…i messed up that quote. “danger is my middle name”

  3. Formortv

    Formortv would be proud to be displayed on bloggernoob. We are proud noobs. You can use our 125 x 125 entrecard ad. If you need the graphic email and I’ll send it right over.

    Thanks You’re Awesome!

  4. Annie

    I would love to be included in your ad space. I need to make a cool graphic. Maybe my little hammock man will do. Let me know…

  5. Kopi Dunia

    Cool offer. I’ll take you up on it, like everybody else in this thread. I might even feature you on my own blog hehe, as a small thank you. But I cannot promise you much traffic…yet :-)

  6. black.pixie

    If you do have the space, would be great if you could put my new celebrity site up. But no pressure, man, ‘cos I can you’re overwhelmed.

    take care…

  7. witchypoo

    Yep, you have quite a few requests. I have my 125 x 125 graphic all dusted off if you want to give it a home for a few days. It’s on Flickr, so I can just send the code.
    Mighty nice of ya, noob!
    I knew I was right on backing you on the Alexa thang.

  8. kab625

    Well, who could refuse. I’d love to promote my online store on your most excellent and wonderful blog. By the way, I love your Avatar. (“sucking up” for free advertising, why not not me!)

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