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help each other like my best friends wedding, make money onlineIt’s the weekend and instead of enjoying it by going out and drinking, i wanted to spend some alone time with my blog. Instead of partying and having a good time, i figured i’d do some free reviews. I keep preaching about not paying for anything when you’re a noob. I firmly believe this to be a good strategy. Don’t buy reviews or links. Don’t pay for a “premium” wordpress theme. Don’t buy useless ebooks. You’ll find a lot of ways to get all of the above for free. Not paying for something online, is almost as good at making money online. I charge ridiculous fees for reviews and ads on my blog. Here’s you’re chance to bypass my Apple like pricing. Get a review for free.

This is another one of my scratch each others’ back attempts. Review my blog and i’ll review yours. Simple as that. Leave me a comment with the link to where the review is. I’ll review your blog in my next blog post. You don’t have to kiss my ass or even say good things about my blog. Happy weekend!

26 thoughts on “Free blog review on this make money online blog

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  2. Raman

    wow,nice idea.
    I am very much interested…… but want to ask do you have requirements for the sites where your review will be placed…..mine is quite new.

  3. Jared Stenzel

    I don’t have to give it a positive review? Trying to think of something bad about the noob that I could write… Minds empty, I’ll be sure to take advantage of this tomorrow though! It will be on my trying to blog, blog.

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  5. the noob Post author

    thanks to all who wrote reviews of my blog. I will be writing up your reviews in the next post. This promotional offer is now closed. I don’t want too much work this weekend. 😉

  6. the noob Post author

    nancy- you’re not spam? what you leaving me the same thing on multiple posts? “nice” that’s it 😉 just checking to see if you were spam

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