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It is another beautiful day here in Chicago! I am in a good mood so i decided to give out some free stuff to all of my visitors. I started this blog with the purpose of making a few dollars with it. I was able to do this and more. When i first started, i had to build my site from the ground up. I didn’t know a single soul that blogged. None of my friends or relatives blogged. It was a challenge but i stuck with it for some reason. I think that i continued because i saw the potential. That is why it is important to make that first $1. This will show you (prove to you) the potential for web publishing. Anyway, i wanted to say “thank you” to all of my visitors. I will give out some free domain names in the next few days. I have a lot of domain names that i will not be renewing in the coming months. Instead of letting it just drop, i wanted to hand them out to my readers. As long as you stick with it, you will make money online with you blog. Read more to find out how you can get a free domain name. I will also provide cheap web hosting for noobies. Who knows…You might be able to make full time income with your free domain name and blog.

All you have to do is claim your free domain name. Just leave me a comment on this post to claim your domain name. Then, email me with you comment name and the type of website/blog you are interested in setting up. I will send you an appropriate domain in my collection. If you need web hosting, let me know. I can provide web hosting at $10/year. This is very cheap considering that most shared web hosting costs about $120/year or $10/month.

81 thoughts on “Free domain names at BloggerNoob

  1. PhilGus

    Thanks noob, nice idea. I have enough domains right now, but this is a great offer for some folks!

  2. agrande

    Hi Noob,
    Been reading you for about a month and really appreciate your stuff. I hope to be able to spread the knowledge someday. I will email you my domain request.

  3. Tracy Sutherland

    Dear Noob,

    I’ve been reading snipets of your blog monthly
    for awhile now and i always get something of
    great value everytime..and i really love the
    photos of all the beautiful women you share!

    Thanks for giving back with the free domain
    names, i’m sure others will see the value in

  4. Alyson

    What a great idea! I’ve been reading your blog off and on for a short time and find it very interesting and helpful.

    This domain is a huge help so thank you!!

  5. The White

    I want to make a blog about people that survive by eating food wrappers instead of actual food.

    Do you have a domain that covers that?

    Seriously I don’t need any more domains, I really have enough, but if you toss me your most oddball domain name I will make it the most effed up site ever!

  6. the noob Post author

    Thanks to all who showed interest in the free domain names. I have received all of your emails. I will be going over my domain portfolio in the next few days. I will send all those who emailed me a reply shortly.

  7. jaini

    i want to know how to buy from digitalpoint. please explain me in stepwise dear. waiting for your reply. please mail me the answer if you can. waiting here for your reply dear.respond me please. plaese help me.i ahveasked you many times by passing comments.but tehre was no reply dear…
    please help me……

  8. Kevin Tran

    hello, i’m a newbie, also a student trying to make some income on internet to help myself, i had google around and had found a post of your at . Do you really give out free domain ? .. if yes, please please help me out, thank you a millions.

  9. the noob Post author

    sorry for the delay. The noob’s been laggin. I sent out replay emails to all who have requested a free domain name. I am waiting for your domain push info with godaddy. You will get your domains soon enough. thanks again to all who read my silly little blog.

  10. sam09

    Thanks Guru for your helpful Info here all the time, it’s nice to find persons like you in helping the people to learn and benefit from all this good articles you’re publishing !

    So .. about your offer, I’m interesting in getting a free domain from you, .com or .info and – if you like – with a simple hosting plan to try starting ” an idea ” .. may be it will useful in making some bucks !!

    Greetings, Sam.

  11. Arthelo


    thanks for sharing. hope you’ll give me that free domain name. by the way, i want to create blogs about family…thanks!

  12. Steve

    Wow, what a concept…

    Looking for an insurance related domain.

    Got anything like that? You certainly might gain some hosting if you’ve got a goodie!

  13. parm

    nice to hear about your kindness.i would like to have like domain for entertainment me a favour if possible.

  14. Netfleet

    Thanks for the info – don’t forget to post about the Australian domain name industry – it’s really starting to take off… Thanks again

  15. Shellie

    I would love a free domain name! Preferably name theherbivorehippie. I’m working on an apparel/accessory line and that will be the name. My blog will be about being a vegan..questions and answers people have and bringing awareness to animal cruelty. Thanks so much! p.s. I just spent an hour reading your blogs when I only meant to read one. lol

  16. billsteve

    Any time i visit this blog i always gain knowledge of a domains and the pictures are sexy ,keep it up guru

  17. billsteve is so unique the ads are well organise,i love this blog and pray to have a blog like this .i love free domain names

  18. billsteve

    keep developing this lovely blog ,it is so beautiful and unique .this is the best blog i have seen.

  19. billsteve

    pls do me a favour ,give me the free doman name this blog is so tempting,unique,beautiful,fine infact it is more than a blog this google blog on it own

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  21. Team Roster

    You you could make changes to the webpage title Make Money Online » Blog Archive » Free domain names at BloggerNoob to something more generic for your webpage you create. I liked the the writing still.

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