Free Make Money Blog ad winners

makemoneyads.jpgI wanted to test out my sidebar ads by placing some free ads for my readers. Right after i made the announcement on my post, i was bombarded with over 30 requests. Thanks guys, i guess no one can resist Free Ads. I was planning on placing 4 ads and i figured that maybe only 4 of you would take me up on that offer. I guess i was wrong. So i decided to put up six 125×125 pixel image ads. Here are the bloggers that i randomly selected. Moolahking, Blargumentor, Gusland, Formortv, Mastersofseo, and Justin dupre. Come on down guys to claim your free ads on bloggernoob dot com. Hopefully this promotion will get me some ad sales in the future and hopefully you’ll see some traffic from the ads. Winnners, make a 125×125 ad and let me know in the comments below. I don’t like to open up attachments via email so i ask that you guys post a pic of the ad on your blog. I’ll get the image from there and post your ad ASAP. Leave me a link to where the image is on your blog. Congrats to the winners. If you didn’t score any free ads, don’t lose heart, i’ll probably run this promotion again next month. Thanks to everyone who entered.

12 thoughts on “Free Make Money Blog ad winners

  1. Justin Dupre

    I will work on reworking a 125×125 ad tonight Noob. I’m without internet (I’m at a lame ass net cafe) until some asshole comes and tells me the password for wireless at my new apartment. He can’t just call and tell me the damn key.

    I’ll get it to you when I’m done with class tomorrow around 6 am central time.

    Thanks for the opp noob. I appreciate it.

    Justin Dupre

  2. bloggernoob

    gusland- ok, i’ll get your ad up when the others send me their links.

    justindupre- sucks that you don’t have internet right now. no prob about the ads. hopefully it’ll send you some traffic.

  3. the noob Post author

    justindupre, moolahking, gusland. i got your links and i’ll post your ads soon. i’m just waiting for other others. if they don’t submit the links/image soon, i’ll just go ahead and put up your ads first. thanks.

  4. formortv

    SOOO COOL!! You picked a great blog! Ours :)
    We have placed an official thank you on our blog and directly under you will find our 125 x 125 ad (pic) you can grab. It is placed in honor at the top of the right column. Thanks again. We can’t wait to see us shining brightly on your blog!

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