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makemoneytheme.jpgMakemoneytheme. If you’re looking for a good make money online theme, neil duckett recommends this. ythv

This was my first time visiting Neil’s blog. I’ve seen many of his ads on big name blogs but never clicked throught. I was surprised to see that he had a really nice blog set up. Love the header with the Japanese girls. Something about Asian women that makes me go nuts.

Here’s a little poem i wrote entitled “Asia girl”

I want to step up and introduce.
I want you to be comfortable.
You don’t have to be shy.
Do you believe in Jesus?
Hai, Neh, Yes.
Err Wrong answer.

One thought on “Free Making Money Online Theme

  1. Neil Duckett

    Hey noob, glad you like the theme. Needless to say we both have a fair attraction to Asian girls and specifically J-babes hence me moving to Japan a while back …. lots more J-Babes here than in Australia!

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