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pricetag.jpgI wrote an earlier post about how the famous technorati site valuator is a joke. I firmly believe that it’s hard to properly appraise a website or blog buy only looking at the stats. It has to use a mixture of site income, traffic, and stats. It’s fun to play around with these valuators tho. So here are a few more sites that put a price tag on your blog. They are all better then the famous technorati valuator, where is worth $57,583.08. I WISH!

1. Sitestimator– is worth $2,968.74

2. Cyberwyre– is worth $4,081

3. Websitevaluecalculator– is worth $5,526

4. Dnscoop– is worth $1,900

All of these unfortunately place a high emphasis on google PR so obviously it lowers my blog cause i don’t have PR yet. Anyway, these are fun little tools. They are not accurate but it’s always fun to see how much your blog is supposedly worth. How much are your blogs worth?

10 thoughts on “Fun Site valuators

  1. Mark Antony

    I think it is fun to play around with these programmes. Of course, the actual value is what someone is prepared to pay you for it, same as anything!

    The cyber one in the middle is totally useless though, got all my sites stats wrong. The other two do give out some useful stats to go with their valuations.

  2. ksc7

    I started a blog almost two weeks ago, I came across this post, I could not resist the temptation of trying it. So I inquired about my blog (
    Lol, I tried
    websitevalue calculator and it said my site is worth $59,048,640. Cyberwire said, that my site is worth $43,604,400!!!
    and I quote:
    “Text Link Advertising
    Your site could sell text link advertisements at a rate of approximately $362/Link/Month,
    Affiliate Marketing:
    but Independent Advertising: 0!!
    Yes I am surprised! But I don’t think that I am gonna try the other site estimation links cause i know there is a mistake and I don’t want to spoil my new years eve laugh! Lol
    (maybe the mean its worth $43,604,400 in Second life money or something)
    Thanks for the post!

  3. Allen Johnson

    my site is worth 461 on sitemeter and like 7 grand techronati so I have a question blogger noob is the blogrush widget on your side panel actually ge you traffic because i heard blogrush promises you so much traffic but only gets you an fraction of what it promises

  4. the noob Post author

    killian- where does it say my site is worth 24.32? did you mean your site? typo?

    mark antony- true that. if some idiot paid me 100k for this blog, then this site is worth 100k. it’s almost like those crazy star trek memorabilia auctions. or sports stuff.

    ksc7- :) you play secondlife? cool. i used to be a huge fan of the sims…so i tried second life, but was disappointed cause not a lot of people actually play. if it got to WOW level, i think it would be fun. yeah blogspot sucks. one more reason you should switch to your own domain and hosting.

    allen johnson-good questions. blogrush is pretty useless. i’m going to try it out for maybe one more month. then i’mma give it the boot. i think i got more traffic in one day from blogcatalog or entrecard then two whole months of blogrush.

  5. ksc7

    I got a second life account last year just to see what the hype was all about. Not a really big fan of the game. About domain, eventually I would like to get one. I don’t want to pay for anything yet. By the way, nice blog you have here. How long have you been maintaining bloggernoob?

  6. the noob Post author

    ksc7- not paying for anything in the beginning is usually a wise choice. but i do recommend domain and hosting. doesn’t cost much. thanks. bloggernoob has been active for about 2 months.

  7. UGC

    Either way, those aren’t too shabby site values. I don’t anything of mine will ever be worth that much, lol.

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