Funny Keywords

funnykeywords.jpgWorking your keywords for search engines is vital if you want to grow your blog. When you set up your blog, you should have some search terms in mind. For me, i didn’t know what terms i wanted for my blog. I started out as a complete newbie. Of course i didn’t know. But shortly after this make money blog went live, i began to work the search engines. I first selected the search term i wanted to promote. I choose make money blog because it’s something that people search for, and because i knew it wasn’t as competitive as make money online. I didn’t want shoot for the impossible. It’s better to achieve a mini feat, as opposed to trying for the impossible. Now that i’m on the front page of google for my search term, i can try to tackle make money online.

keywords.jpgHere is a breakdown of some of my most popular search terms. Google sends me around 11% of my traffic. Not bad right? I get around 20% in direct hits, and the rest from other referrals. In time, i think the % of traffic from google will increase. If i maintain my other referral traffic, my make money blog will grow. You know what that mean right? More money baby!

funny-keywords.jpgThis post title is “funny keywords” so here is a screenshot of some of the random search terms. People actually typed that into google search. Amazing right? I have a few other screenshots, but it’s kinda rated NC-17 so i won’t put it up here. Don’t know why but i seem to get a lot of porn related searches. HAHA. I actually don’t mind. People send me emails all the time regarding porn, and i make a few extra dollars on the side with porn commissions. I think i get these hits cause i wrote about porn affiliates in an earlier post. I love that my blog gets google search love. Too bad i don’t have any PR. If the noob didn’t whore out his blog to PPP, i’d probably be at a PR3 or PR4 if i was lucky. I particular like “don’t have to pay for porn” and “earn money by putting porn advertise on my web page.” Notice the funky grammer. My favorite though is “eddie murphy nietzsche one cannot fly into flying.”

7 thoughts on “Funny Keywords

  1. Attraction Guy

    Haha. It’s true this happen.

    My blog is about law of attraction, but it’s common to have such keywords bring me traffic and I don’t know why too:

    1. which way foolow to become a millionaire (no mistakes in spelling. Exactly the same)
    2. walk like a millionaire
    3. visualisation

    But I start to suspect, are these real traffic or merely just Google Bots crawling and they count it as visits?

  2. Elena

    Hi, You have some very useful information on your blog. Thank you for the tips – I need to take action with some of them. I also just wanted to pop in to congratulate you too on winning a prize on the SewDelish guessing competition.
    Ciao for now, Elena :)

  3. Jason

    LOL at the search terms. I have like twenty visits this month for ‘Gay Red Penguins’, although I’ve mentioned it a couple times I don’t know why people are searching for it :)

    Is that 300 visits a month? That’s 10 visits a day… I’ll hope that’ll increase. How are they relative to others (time spent on site, bounce rate etc?).

    As for the tool, that’s Google Analytics (@ Funked) :)

  4. Funked

    Jason – ahh, thanks. I have analytics, but I only really look at it quickly to check figures. I guess I should have a play around with it some more.

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