Gaming entrecard again

entrecard.jpgEntrecard is becoming pretty popular. If you didn’t already sign up with entrecard, you should do so now. When you first sign up, you’ll quickly be bombarded with advertiser requests. This is because the price to advertise on your blog is so cheap in the beginning. 2 credits is equivalent to like 1/100 of the cost of a Sunday coupon. And those things are like 1/1000 of a penny. Anyway, You’re ad price will quickly jump within a few days. You’ll start getting visitors right away. It’ll start off slow but can quickly pick up if you know how to game entrecard.

Besides the credits you earn from your ads, entrecard lets your earn credits for dropping your card off at another person’s blog. This encourages people to visit your blog just so they can drop off their card. The traffic is pretty useless, but it’s still traffic. The important thing is to place your entrecard widget as close to your header as possible. So people don’t have to look for it on your blog.

Starting a chain is the best way to game entrecard. Try to place your ads on high traffic blogs. This will get the chain going. People who drop off cards, usually do so all at once. So they chain drop. For example, i’ve noticed that a few people drop off their cards on bloggernoob every day. They don’t leave comments so i’m assuming they are just here for a few seconds to drop off their card and click thru to the next blog. Be one of the blogs that start the chain. How do you do this? By advertising your card on one of the most popular blogs on entrecard. Even tho the price is higher, try to advertise on the most popular entrecard blogs. I tried advertising my entrecard on a lot of the cheaper priced blogs and suffered in card drops last week. I was even pushed off the popular list. So i switched gears and advertised on two of the most popular blogs they listed on the site. Guess what happened? My entrecard popularity jumped back into place.

Dropping your card off at other people’s blogs does nothing. Only thing it’s good for is accumulating credits. But it isn’t really worth your time to do that. Don’t advertise your entrecard on your own site. I see some newbies doing this. This is counter productive. Why would anybody click your entercard on your site? To get back to your front page? This stops the chain droppers from returning to your site.

13 thoughts on “Gaming entrecard again

  1. DrBurst

    “Don’t advertise your entrecard on your own site. I see some newbies doing this. This is counter productive. Why would anybody click your entercard on your site? To get back to your front page? This stops the chain droppers from returning to your site”

    It defaults to your own card if you have no advertisers. We can’t help it.

  2. kmcgra

    I’ve gotten tons of hits through entrecard, but like you said it is useless traffic. Zilch through blogrush! I like to chain drop through blogs to see if there is anything interesting out there. Occasionally I will find something and bookmark the RSS, so in a way it helps if I assume there is someone else out there doing the same thing.

  3. Allyn Paul

    The traffic is not useless. You people need to get an education in marketing. Entrecard is NOT designed to get you a reader who will comment, get your RSS, click your ads and babysit your kids!
    It is designed to get the readers of the blogs your card is on to find your site and stay or come back.
    With this in mind, you need to have some good content up when you advertise and make sure the sites you advertise on are similar to your own.
    My blog is about lawns so I don’t advertise on John CHow, …duh!
    I have gotten at least one new RSS subscriber from 50% of the ads I have placed because I advertise on sites that cater to dudes and then I put up a good dude-type article for the clickers to read!!!!!
    Remember, marketing is a function that elicits a RESPONSE … it’s up to you, oh blogger, to gain an actual SALE!
    Your clicks are useless becuase you are not spending your marketing credits wisely!!!!
    rant concluded,

  4. Allen Johnson

    Bloggernoob I see you are top guy on it you are so close o john Chow on the internet marketing section. And I concur with the last comment people coming to to your site is real good because if anyone comes is up to you to convert them

  5. Gasmoney

    Good post and i agree on the top blog spot being the most important. I’ll soon try to be your neighbor up there bloggernoob. It’ll just take some time is all.

  6. Paul

    I have definitely had an increase in traffic from Entrecard…but whether it’s good traffic or not, I don’t care…the service is free.

    For a few days in December I was able to drop 300 cards a day and noticed my popularity rank climb. I then took a few days off and my cost/ad had dropped considerably.

    Drop as many cards as you can to help increase your popularity.

  7. the noob Post author

    drburst- it makes sense tho. what would you want to be placed there if noone advertised? someone else’s ad?

    kmcgra- useless meaning that it’s not focused or niche targeted. traffic is still traffic and i appreciate all the traffic i can get.

    allyn- allyn, breathe, sit down and let me explain. useless for mine and most people’s blogs because the traffic is not niche targeted. random people come and random people just come to drop off their card and click to the next. chain droppers. not sure if i’ve received many readers from such chain droppers. the ones that came to my site were not the droppers, it was people who saw my blog on the popular list. i think. thanks for the rant tho, i love it when i write something that gets people all riled up. :)

    allen johnson- yeah allyn made a good point.

    blackpixie- you’re not a entrecard yet? omg get on over there girl

    gasmoney- looking forward to it gas

    esvl- two hours? that’s a lot!

    paul- great point. FREE. i’m a big believer in FREE. hmm. i never saw any correlation between card dropping and popularity rank. but i could be wrong, i haven’t really read up how entrecard does it’s ranking. still think they’re making a big mistake by putting me up on the most popular list.

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