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entrecard.jpgI’ve had a lot of my ads placed on entrecard rejected. I was wondering why people are doing this. After some research i’ve found that people are gaming entrecard. You get paid in credits for placing ads of other bloggers on the widget. In the beginning, you only get 2 credit/day but your ad space quickly goes up in price once you start getting more ads. What people are doing to game entrecard is…they take the ads and after 30 mins or so, they remove the ad. This gets their ad rate up and they can receive a higher rate per day. Then they take new ads at a higher rate. It’s very annoying and i hope graham gets to the bottom of this.

14 thoughts on “Gaming entrecard

  1. Jennyjinx

    That’s really messed up. Someone should keep track of these people and people can avoid them.

    I’m here through there by the way. I’m going to be keeping my eyes open.

  2. Nick - road2blogging

    I’ve not really had a problem with this so far. The only thing I have a problem with is having the advert ‘pending’ for days – really frustrating.

    Some people don’t play fair, which I think is a little wrong, but until Graham and his team sort them out we can all but carry on as we are now.

  3. Internet Dreamer

    I think a lot of the new people just reject them all untl they get higher, I’ve never rejected an ad for my site, the sites running now are still only making me 1 credit for being displayed, I wouldn’t cancel ads though.

    Also I think my highest click through rate is on sites that are in a completly different category to mine so when people chose “ad not relevant it winds me up” and when people reject my ads then advertise on my blog … roar …

    Okay clearly I didn’t get enough sleep … /rant over 😉

    Toni x

  4. the noob Post author

    jennyjinx-thanks for stopping by jenny. hopefully entrecard will rectify the situation.

    tim christie-no problem

    nick-i really like i hope they come up with some quick fixes

    internet dreamer-i love rants. u should have continued. and congrats on your popularity.

  5. Allyn Paul

    I was unaware that someone could reject your ad once it was already displayed. Do you get your credits refunded when they do that?

    I have not had this happen because I most normally try to contact the preson prior to advertising…but then again, I am not realestate mogul like you Noob, so I have time to burn! LOL

  6. Vanessa


    I actually rejected half a dozen or so approved cards because I removed the widget from the particular blog I had it on – at the time I thought that was the best way to do it – those people wanted to advertise on that blog (and not the one I have since changed it to) and that way they get their credits back.

    Now I wonder whether that was right or wrong or the best way to do it or not, but I guess it’s to late to worry about it now :-). Of course having read this entry, there is obviously still a few kinks in the system, and unfortunately there will always be people that try to game anything and everything

  7. menopauseprincess

    I wouldn’t reject an ad once I’d approved it, I see no point to that.

    When I was first new I had so many ad requests it was overwhelming, so many that the guy who does the coding changed the number of requests that could be received, that was the only reason I was rejecting ads. I didn’t reject you though noob, I liked your site right away.

    I am sure with time the kinks will get worked out.

  8. BunGirl

    Actually, your advertising fee has nothing to do with how many ads you’ve had. It’s based on how many people have dropped cards on your widget. So the type of gaming you’re describing wouldn’t do anyone any good.

    I know that a lot of people (myself included) reject advertisements from money/marketing blogs because the content is simply not relevant to our reader base. There are a lot of us there on Entrecard because we want legitimate readers, rather than just hits.

    My suggestion to you would be to simply not take it personally. Try to advertise on blogs whose content fits with yours. You’ll get better readers that way anyway.

  9. the noob Post author

    allyn- yeah you do get refunded. contact them? you’re very professional and consideratate. i’m afraid most bloggers are not so.

    culture shiok-i tried but it was full. way to go, you’re getting popular.

    vanessa-i don’t think what you did was a big deal. so no worrieds. :)

    menopauseprincess-thanks princess. yeah i like entrecard cause its so fast and simple. way better then blugrush. i hope they’ll continue improving ti and work on some of the bugs.

    rome-not sure if they addressed thsi issue yet, but even so. don’t stop from buying ads. use it now. cause you’re price will keep going up as long as you keep using the service.

    bungirl-is that the only factor for ad price? not sure. Waiting definitely gets your site up. so taking an add and getting card drops, then removing ads to take higher paying ones. i think that’s how people are doing it.

  10. Life is Colourful

    I don’t believe it applies new rate to the advertisement. Is it so? I m sorry buddy, but I am testing this with your ad in queue for my blog – could you please let me know what credits you were charged initially and now how many?

    This time it might cost you a little credits, but we will be confirmed on it so that we can take it upto whoever is developing EC.

    Oh 1 sec, I just realized, they still cannot do it, because if someone rejects the approved ad like I did just now, it adds to their %age of rejections of approved ads, which might keep many people to advertise with them freely. I got into it, I know, but that’s okay – here after I won’t test it.

  11. Sarah :: Copywriting, Grammar and Spelling tips

    I am sure that people have their reasons for declining ads, but to be honest it frequently hacks me off!

    I have had my advert declined by an advertiser that I have actually used before. It is a site that is relevant to mine and so far, it has been my best performing placement ad.

    They have rejected it twice since for design clash… Last time I checked the site was the exact same as it was the first time I advertised on it! Argggh!

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