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noobs.jpgA lot of my readers are noobs. So, i get a lot of emails asking for questions. I answer all of them. I know that it might get harder and more delayed as this blog grows, but i make it my personal goal to answer each and every email or comment. As long as you’re not trying to sell me anything.

I recently helped out two fellow bloggers. I’m not a super blogger, but i did figure out how to start a make money blog out of nothing. I haven’t spent any money on advertising. Just a few bucks promoting contests on my make money blog. I’ve managed to consistently get over 300 uniques a day from this blog. Not too shabby right. I’m an amateur but i do get paid. It’s pennies compared to the big timers, but it’s a lot more then most bloggers. Anyway, for the past week and a half, i’ve helped two noobies get over 50 visits a day. They new nothing of blogging 10 days ago. These two noobies are two of my off line friends.

One started a movie review blog. The other an interior design blog. I recommended those topics cause that’s what they do for a living. Screenwriter and interior designer. The first couple of days, i could tell they were frustrated and wanted to give up, but after that, they were smooth sailing. Don’t want to sound condescending, but i was so proud of those guys. They are addicts. I’ve tried to intervene, but they won’t have it. They check their blogs every chance they get. :) I wonder what’s going to happen when they start making a few extra bucks from their blogs.

I will mention how they progress as time passes.

How did they get 50 more visits a day? It’s not complex, you don’t need to read an ebook, you don’t need to pay for overpriced reviews, you don’t even need to spend that much time.

I just told them to write a post everyday and make sure there is a cool picture on the post. An attention grabbing post. Preferrably something sexy. I made them join entrecard and put the widget and drop around 20 cards daily and use the credit earned to advertize on the popular blogs in their niche. I told them to join blogcatalog and comment in a few discussion and join/add 60 friends a day. I told them to join mybloglog and join 10 friends a day. That’s it. Only takes them 30 mins a day to do the adding and joining. And probably around 30 mins to write the posts. One of them already started making money. Isn’t blogging grand.

These two are complete noobs. But i’ve helped them become certified bloggers. And here the kicker….They are idiots! Not mentally challenged, but they hate computers and they hate the internet. I think this will change in the next few months. If these two guys can blog, so can you.

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  1. BTCassidy

    The trouble is most people who provide clicks this way would prefer you reciprocate- click back, and with this sort of goldmining the miner doesn’t do a lot of clicking and blog reading. 60 adds a day to blog catalog means you’re not reading their blogs, or even their profiles, which in turn means we’ll read once, but then walk away when we don’t see the same- and remember the other blogger as a goldminer.

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  3. Juha Ylitalo

    If we turn the concept around, would you advice photobloggers to add more textual content into their posts, if/when blogger would like to get more visitors (or to make existing readers visits to be little bit longer)?

  4. Sarah

    Honestly, I hate the people who add people (on MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog) to add them. I read their profiles, but if they don’t interest me, I don’t visit their sites. Maybe I’m different in that aspect, but just adding random people, IMO, is more likely to get you ignored

  5. Chica

    I am the only one in my family, and friends, that blogs, how cool is that? lol That’s cool that them two got set up already, don’t make ’em addicts, real life is always one’s beck and call :)

  6. Annie

    I am with Sarah, I don’t add people just to add them even if it does mean more traffic (for a moment). I like to know when I write on my blog that my new friends that I know a little something about will enjoy what I am writing…I hope.

  7. Glen(Web-Design Blog)

    Hey Noob

    I’ll give my 2 cents,I think solid social networking is key. You can make plenty of enemies speed blogging. Your friends will probably burn out with this method. You don’t strike me as a speed blogger.

  8. the noob Post author

    justindupre- yeah, your blog is looking good by the way. and it’s great seeing you active at DP.

    btcassidy- i do agree with you on that. getting traffic via the way i described in the post is not worthwhile traffic, but…it still is traffic. entrecard works the same way. more people just visit just to drop off cards as opposed to read your blog. stumble also works this way. rarely do these networking sites provide good traffic or relationships. but. i have made a few online friends via these site, but not all. just saying that it does bring in initial traffic. I’m not pushing this method as a longterm marketing trick.

    juha- yes. only cause of google and keywords. photoblogs can just be photos, but not having a lot of text on your blog can leave your blog empty for when the search bots come digging for your site’s content. label your photos, use tags, and try to include at least a paragraph in your posts.

    sarah- u hate people like that? hate is a strong word. i respect your opinion, but i must confess that i did the same thing when i start blogging. i did get ignored, and i noticed that most people didn’t come to my blog, but some did. that’s the point. in the beginning, you have two strategies, one is build one reader at a time, very time consuming. the other is try to get as much traffic to pad your stats. if you only have 30 mins a day to grow your blog in the early stage, would u rather have 100 hits witn one reader/comment, or would u rather have 5 hits/readers/comments. second option is great if you have a lot of time, but first option is a quicker way to see some traffic. i don’t recommend the fast traffic method for everyone, and i certain don’t for blogs that have been running for more then three months. but in the beginning, i think it helps to see some stats and it helps to see your different rankings go up.

    chica- woa, im glad u left me a civil comment, i was getting attacked in my last two. :) it’s pretty cool that two of my friends took me up on my offer to teach them to blog, but i feel bad, i’ve made them addicts. it’s worse then crack.

    ryan- i wanted to give them link love, but they told me not to until they grow their blogs a bit more. i will post a followup of this post in the coming months and report on the progress.

    alan- i’ll check it out. thanks for the tip.

    annie- in a perfect world everyone would read everyone elses blog, but that doesn’t happen, and it would be ideal, but i think most people just try to market their blogs. i know it sound cheap and sleezy, but i just wanted to point out a way to get some instant traffic. seems kinda like cheating i know, but it’s not a long term plan, just for noobs to get a taste of some traffic. i think it’s worse to pay for traffic and most middle blogs do that. i guess it all depends on how you look at internet marketing. it’s not a very noble profession.

    glen- thanks for you input glen. i have to say i agree with you. some people resent speed bloggers. i’m sorry to disappoint u but i have added people on bc just to get a cheap visit. but i do try to be involved in the discussions and i do look at profiles to see if i want to check the blog, most times, i don’t want to go visit and i just click the add friend button. i think most web networking sites work in this fashion. a lot of speed bloggers. entrecard, bc, mybloglog. a lot of spam in the shoutbox or message section. a lot of shameless blog promotions. a lot of visits just to drop off your card and earn credits. i’m not trying to make enemies tho. i do visit each blog that leave a comment on my blog and i do try to visit new blogs everyday. And i think i put some some useful content.

  9. mastersofseo

    good tips, i need to add more friends on mybloglog and blogcatalog, and did you see my comment on your free ad offer? i gave you the url where you can get my ad, thanks again for the contest!

  10. layman

    Hmm…….I thought about that. I now know why you have a lot of friends on blogcatalog. Then to get your friends to read your post, do a broadcast. Good tip

  11. the noob Post author

    mastersofseo- yeah i got your message and put up ur ad. :) hope it gets you some clicks.

    scottcarlin- you’re welcome fellow noob

    layman- yeah im have added a lot when two months ago. i still add a few new friends everyday. some people frown upon it, but if it gets clicks, and you do visit some of your friends, why not

  12. the noob Post author

    solacetech- u again. u just commented! :) thanks for your serial comments. yeah i think entrecard is great for noobs. get a lot of traffic to new blogs.

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