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make money online with rachael leigh cookI’ve been giving out a lot of domain names recently. I think domains are always great investments. Even if you register a domain that means nothing to most people, you have something of value. It’s amazing that you can own a piece of the web for so cheap. Registration prices are so low compared to what you can potentially create. I have a large collection of domains that i purchased. I plan to develop sites on all of these domains. I know it will be time consuming, but i believe that it will be pay off in due time. I actually have way to many domains. Some of them, i will let expire, but i didn’t want to just throw away these two PR1 domains that i have. So i plan on giving it away.

The two domains that i plan on giving away are blog related. and Both domains have PR1 and it can be a great way to start a blog about the blogging community. I hate “make money online” blogs, but they are pretty easy to monetize. These domains might end up making you some nice cash on the side. Let me quit blabbering and tell you how you can witn one of these domains.

I like talking to other newbie bloggers. I like listening to their stories and was always interested on why people started their blog. So, i wanted to get a discussion going on. Leave me a comment on how you started your blog and how your blog is progressing. I will select two lucky winners and i will push these two domains to their godaddy acct. They will require registration renewal so if you don’t want to pay for that after the push, let me know. I want to give these domains to bloggers who have the time and willingness to set up a blog on these domains. If i didn’t have so many domains, i’d renew these puppies in a sec.

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  1. iPhone Auctions Australia

    My blog is going great, starting to make money off it. I’ve made it into an affilate store, but technically underneath it’s still a blog 😉

    It’s been a steep learning curve, i’m kinda happy i’m a bit of a nerd – i feel for all those out there who have to learn this stuff from scratch.

    People who think you can make instant money are dreaming… you can make good cash but you etter be good at what you do, and know what you’re blogging about.


  2. moolahking

    I’ve started blog using blogspot. Then i change to wordpress. End up i buy my own domain and hosting.

    You see, we have one intention in blogging. To make money online. I believe 60% of bloggers world wide have the same intentions. But less than that really achieve it.

    Previously, i think i should stop blogging cause i don’t have much time to do so. Until one fine day, the spirit came back to me to start blogging again, which gave me more ideas on what to post.

    Now i concentrate on 1 niche. I believe you know about my site already.


  3. shafar

    I’m a 19 year old student. I’m really crazy about blogging now. But don’t have own domain. That is the main problem why I’m a failure in Blogging Arena.
    I have been blogging for 1 year now. First the intention was nothing, just a time pass. But later i read more and more articles about money blogging and making money online. I had created many blogs from blogspot, but was a big failure without regular readers. One great thing is that I learned more about blogs, templates and how can i ‘go ahead’ with a blog. But still not success in this arena. Just publishing my knowledge and information from other sources in my new blog ( and ‘going ahead’ with a hope. Still have a hope that one day i will be making decent money from this New Money Making Machine.

  4. sunil

    Hmm.. Ok let me go on with my taradiddle of blogging. I started my blogging out of interest some 1 year back. But in the meantime I stalled it due to my exams. But some events pushed me back to blogging. Like travelogues, news events that attracted me and many such issues. But later on I concentrated much on blog for cash and neglected this great art of writing. Eventually I had to lose interest in money. Those useless post made me understand the value of writing: how much pleasure they gave me, when I used to see my work in my blog? Then I reverted back to my very old personal blog at

    Now its my recluse for the time being. I would just suggest other people one thing. Please don’t blog for money. Let money be secondary. But don’t just blindly write stupid posts for the sake of money and lose your edge on writing great posts.
    Que est Blogging!

  5. Barbara Baker

    Hey there bloggernoob…great giveaway again (I think I’ll try my luck with this one too).

    Well, I began doing sweepstakes a while back and kind of stumbled into the bloggy giveaway sites where they were giving away a lot of clothing for kids, iPods, toys, learning programs and more. My family and I have been struggling for many years (financially) so I began dabbling in the sweepstakes (in hopes that I could take some stress off of my husband since he couldn’t buy the stuff my kids wanted and some of the things we really needed). I began winning some really cute stuff for the kids here and there and also began winning some really great books, workout videos and music CD’s for me. The only little problem I had was that I didn’t have a blog and a lot of the giveaways the blog sites were having asked to blog about the contest for extra entries. Well, I started one and much to my surprize, it’s helped me win a few other things I’ve really wanted.

    I began blogging to help me win some of the really cool contests and giveaways, but now I really enjoy blogging and have recently started a new blog (thanks to a prize I won a few weeks back). I’m not greedy and don’t enter contests I don’t need, but when I know I could definitely use an item I’m all in to it and try my best to blog about it.

    Your giveaway is no ecception…I would love to win!!!!
    Thanks Bloggernoob, you’re awesome!!!

  6. Dingexx


    Lets go back 1 year ago, it’s started as a hobby to go to other place, in short I love to travel. until I read one blog which is about travel where in the post is about the place that he visited already, because of that, I start blogging to my own which all the place that I visited was on my blog.

    At first it’s hard to get more traffic to my blog until I slowly learn on how to make my blog popular and make my visitors interest every time they visit it. Aside from that, I join already some contest in net which makes me a challenge to compete some professional bloggers..It was cool in blogging..:-)

  7. Ali

    Hello, i have recently started my new blog LinkW. It has not been long and only a month so far. I have started gaining traffic as well as some cash. the main reason to the creation of the blog was previewing my own skin. The real traffic was because of my articles related to “buying Stuff”. I have posted 3 articles already and will be posting some more. I am not really interested in cash, but in helping people. If that aim is completed, everything else it.

  8. the noob Post author

    Thanks guys for sharing your story. I wish you all the best with you blogging ventures. Keep it up guys. Blogging sometimes gets really boring and a chore to post, but it’s a great way to vent our your opinions and say whats on your mind. and a great way to make some side cash. I wish i had PR1 domains for all of you, but since i only have two to give out today, i will have to choose two at random. Congrats to moolahking and Barbara Baker! moolahking wins and Barbara Baker wins Both are PR1 domains and both can be converted into nice blogs about blogging or whatnot. Hope you like it. Cheers all! If you didn’t win something here, rest assured. I love giving out stuff for free. You’ll end up getting something the next time around.

    Moolaking and Barbara Baker, confirm by comment again here and email me with you godaddy login and email. I will start the push right away. These domains need to be renew soon!

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  10. Greg Ellison

    I started to blog because I saw everyone else do it. I made my first post in 2006 when I was at school. I didn’t really blog all the time but occasionally when a semester was over I would post my grades. I didn’t have a domain but I hosted it off a subdomain. In January I really started to blog every day. I bought a domain.

    The domain name is This blog is just a personal blog about what is happening in my life.

    I use paid posting networks to make money from this blog. I don’t make any money from adsense on it.

    I won a blog and domain from mubin ahmed which is I have another blog called I post recipes that I find on the internet. I have three blogs, and numerous other websites.

    I want to get more visitors, and enjoy what I am doing. I also want to make more money from my websites.

  11. m.dinesh

    Thank you for one more contest noob.

    Actually I started blogging before 2 years ago while I was graduating. I registered a blogspot blog. I was interested in blogging because I saw many people become so famous and even they are making so much money. But I stopped it because of lack of time. I deleted that blog. At that time, I din’t know much about blogging, I just used to copy and paste or edit them which was not right.

    Now since I completed my graduation, I again started two blogspot blogs. One is a normal contest blog but another one is a normal blog in which i post any thing on my own. Now I realized what blogging is and what blogger should do to make his blog famous. So I started commenting on other blogs. I guest posted in and I am improving my alexa rank.

    Before a week it was above 3,00000. It has been improving and improving and presently it is 1,888,221. But I am not able to improve my page rank because I dont have good back links.
    I am trying for backlinks by and digital pointforums.

    Soon I will shift to my own domain and web hosting and redirect all my users to my own domain.

  12. bloggernoob

    greg and m dinesh- thanks for telling your stories about how and why you started blogging. it’s so interesting why people would want to start a time consuming blog. Very cool. Unfortunately, i have already announced the winners of the PR1 domains.

    Moolahking and Barbara are the winners.

    I still would like you guys to share your story tho. But the bait has been eaten up already. 😉

  13. Jared Stenzel

    How I started it? Well I bought a domain and hosting and set it up.

    How is it progressing? It’s progressing as slow as your posts suggested they would start out as.

    The better question in my mind would be why did you start a blog. Why I started to blog you may already know. I used to do a lot of freelance writing for making over $150 from a single article at times. I had always heard about blogs being so successful and started reading a lot of make money blogs like the noob’s and started to believe in the power of blogs a lot.

    Shortly after I started reading about them, I used some tips I’d read on the Noob’s blog and a few others to do some minor tweaks to my free wordpress blog and I started to make money from it. I started to make big money from it.

    Why I started blogging was for two main reasons. The first was that I realized the potential to make money. The second was because I enjoy writing, and if I can get paid for my writing it gives me more time to write (because I don’t need a job).

    So like I said, the better question would be WHY did you start a blog.

  14. Jared Stenzel

    I would also like to point out when reading other peoples comments that not everybody starts blogs for the sole purpose of profiting off of them. I chose to make a WordPress blog for fun a while back. I enjoyed it, I enjoyed writing on it, and I didn’t even consider monetizing it until the Noob got into my head 😉

  15. Pandu Cari Duit

    I started blogging with on 2006 but didn’t realize that blogging can be monetized. Then by Jan 2008 I started learning building blog using WP and published my first blog on Feb 08. I know nothing about SEO etc just the excitement of having a customized blog. Since then I learn much about how to monetize blog by optimizing our blog on search engine. Until now I still learning and there are much thing have to learn about. And, particularly, improving my writing in english. Thanks for listening…:-)

  16. the noob Post author

    moolah and barbara- you’re both very welcome. hope to see some shape blogs up on those domains. PR1 should start you off right. might be easier to get indexed and monetize later.

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  19. dale

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  20. Michelle Stitt

    My partner and I stumbled over here different website and thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to going over your web page yet again.

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