Get a lot of traffic from blogcatalog

catalogs.jpgI wrote a previous post about blogcatalog being better then mybloglog. The more i use blogcatalog, the more im convinced of this. I don’t even log in to mybloglog anymore cause i don’t need to. Blog catalog is faster and has a way more active member base.

Here’s a list of things you should do to increase your traffic from blogcatalog.

1. Add friends. The great thing about blog catalog is that they don’t place a daily limit on adding friends. You can add 15, 50, 500 friends if you wanted to. Adding friends does two things. The friend that you add will see that you added them and might be curious to check out your site. Also, it makes your link more visible to other people on blogcatalog. The more friends you have, the more traffic you could get. It’s like google adsense. The more ad impressions you have, the more clicks you’ll get.

2. Get involved in discussions. They have a pretty active forum at blogcatalog. It’s almost like a chatroom. It’s a good way to make some blogger friends, and build interest in your blog. Don’t just try it once and stop. Try it a few times and you’ll most likely start up a great discussion. If you do that, you’ll really see a difference in your traffic.

3. Join communities, this is the the as adding friends.

4. Visit and rate other peoples blogs. They will most likely reciprocate the gesture. The more you visit, the more visits you’ll get.

That doesn’t seem very hard right? Try it and i can almost promise that’ll you see some major traffic improvements.

19 thoughts on “Get a lot of traffic from blogcatalog

  1. Chexed

    You may also notice, that a lot of MyBlogLog’ers actually use blogcatalog too– Though vise-versus doesn’t seem to be as true.

  2. Majik

    I love Blog Catalogue, every time I participate in threads on the forum, my traffic increases. It definitely is way better than MyBlogLog, I just recently joined MyBlogLog, and I haven’t seen a lot of traffic from it. Having a link in other blogs helps too!

  3. MerDuriaN

    yea you’re righT! You can search communities and add friends in blogcatalog. Unlike MyBlogLog got nothing much to do.. Probably I will add blogcatelog and bumpzee widgets back to my blog.

  4. formortv

    Newbie here. First let me say I love your blog.

    I was just pondering this very thing this morning. As you know, we are rather new. We have been active about 13 days now. As soon as we launched I signed up for both mybloglog and blogcatalog.

    I noticed how fast I built a community at blogcatalog. It was instant. Within 24 hours, we had many people viewing us and chatting with us. We made friends (40+), they joined our community, we joined theirs and lots of activity in the shout box. Now at myblogog I have no messages. I have maybe four or five friends, and four or five people who have joined our community. Blogcatalog is definitely the winner!

    The thing I find odd, is that most people who have the catalog, also have the log! The people just seem to work the catalog and avoid the log.

    I agree with you that the catalog will definitely help build your community.

    Now if I can just figure out DIGG and STUMBLE. :)

  5. clairec23

    I agree. I joined both soon after I started blogging a couple of months ago. I haven’t even logged on to bloglog in ages. Blogcatalog is a lot better. I like the discussions and the groups, whereas on bloglog, all I got out of it was a lot of spam…

  6. the noob Post author

    dale- blogcatalog is one of the best tools.

    chexed- very good point.

    majik- i’ve only recently started doing this and i can see the traffic increase.

    merdurian- haven’t agressively tried bumpzee yet but i’ll check. i still think blogcatalog is the best tho.

    formortv- thanks for loving my blog. and let me say that my blog loves you back. i’ve gotten stumbled twice and both times around 100 uniques. i really need to figure out stumble.

    clairec23- maybe mybloglog sucks cause it’s owned by yahoo

    damiende- you’re very welcome. i can almost guarantee that i’ll bring you some traffic right away

  7. svajdlenka

    I use in my blogs both. I used some points from your list, but I found also new one for me. Thanx for good article. Mybloglog is not bad but blogcatalog is a more better

  8. jansplanet

    I definitely agree with the consensus here. I just started blogging a couple of weeks ago and joined mybloglog first, about a week ago. It’s interesting, I hadn’t heard anything about blogcatalog until after I joined mybloglog and started poking around. I think I heard about blogcatalog from someone on mybloglog ;-). Anyway, I’m still checking into mybloglog, mostly for the statistics, which I like, but I’m getting at least 4x the traffic from blogcatalog. (Even though it’s not much yet, as new as I am.) Happy New Year, everyone! ~jan

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