Get blogger to write about you with Flash

flash.jpgToo bad the Noob doesn’t know how to use flash. “Learning flash” is second on my to do list. Right under “learn how to read”.

Just within the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve witnessed free advertising cause of flash videos. Big time bloggers have given link love to small bloggers cause they made a little flash video. Johnchow linked and talked about ablogaboutnothing cause of a flash video ablogaboutnothing made featuring some asian man on cow porn. Most recently, Toni from internet dreamer got some love from johncow and tylercruz for making a christmas flash video featuring (guess who) johncow and tylercruz.

This is a fun way to get some free advertising. It’s smart and cost efficient marketing. Blogger’s love attention so getting featured in a mini flash movie serves their vanity. If someone made a flash video about me, i most definitely would write about them. And if it involved interspecies porn, i think that would be the highlight of my blogging career.

If you know flash, make a video about johnchow, problogger, or shoemoney and maybe they’ll write about you. Isn’t that better then spending 400 bucks or so to get a review written by Michael Kwan.

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