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dogstar.jpgI just read a great thread over at blogcatalog. A blogger posted that Anne Rice visited and left a comment on the blog. For those of you who don’t know who Anne Rice is let me school you. Anne Rice is the uber successful Author of the Interview with the Vampire. She is a legend in the goth community and she’s Christian.(i didin’t know that she was Christian-learned something new today) Anyway, i was thinking about how you could get famous people to read your blog.

My blog is a make money blog so the famous people would be who? Johnchow. i don’t care if he comes and leaves on comment on my blog. Big shit. Who care. But if i had a celebrity site and let’s say Paris Hilton left a comment. I would be super excited. If Brad Pitt left a little remark. I would be stoked. I think if you have a blog that is discusses a specific topic, you could probably try to get famous people to visit and comment on you blog. If you’re a fan of Nascar, maybe Dale Earnhart Jr will visit after he sees that you left a comment on his website. If you link to his blog, maybe he’ll come and check your blog out. Who knows. All it takes is a click right?

If you’re a Keanu Reeves fan, maybe you can devote a blog to his band, Dogstar. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll read one of your posts. If your post was worth leaving a comment on, he might even leave you a comment.

I read the thread and even tho it is possible that the person who left the comment isn’t really Anne Rice, it got me thinking. It’s very well possible that famous people are reading random no name blogs. Why not? If i was famous, i think i would still spend some of my online hours reading random blogs. It’s fun.

8 thoughts on “Get famous people to your blog

  1. the noob Post author

    witchy- yup. akismet catches them and i just delete. no worries.

    dean- that’s awesome. what comedian. i’m a fan of standup

    mike- maybe rick springfield could stop by. i met jessie’s girl once. at Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez. he’s old now.

    forest- maybe. MC hammer is a web guy now. maybe ex celebs could use the attention. wil wheaton is a mad blogger.

  2. Linda Martin

    Wonderful idea! I have a writing blog and could try writing more postings on the talents of currently popular writers. I wrote a review of Lorelle’s book (Lorelle writes a super-popular blog about WordPress) and she came to my blog to read and comment.

  3. the noob Post author

    linda- awesome! i think it’s cool that famous people also surf no name blogs. I don’t care for the celebrities of the money blog world, but if paris hilton dropped by my celebrity blog, i’d be stoked. :)

  4. Rob

    You gave me some good ideas =) thanks, and thx to the ppl who wrote the comments 😉
    But how to get the money? Do you earn per visitor or the visitor that clicks on your advertising?
    Check out my page and see if its a good idea..

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