Get free PR links with do follow comments

do follow alyssa milano to make money onlineThere are a lot of bloggers who have made their comments “do follow.” Normally, blog comments have the no follow attribute. This means that the link you place with the comment is not really a link. Google doesn’t give the link juice on comment links. But on blogs that changed the attribute to “do follow,” you’re links are valid. This means that you can get free links to you site just by leaving a comment on someone’s blog. There are a lot of high PR blogs that use the do follow. Networking with these bloggers and commenting often is a good way to get quality links to you site. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a dime. Make money online by leaving useful comments on “do follow” blogs. It’s a great way to get free links on high Page Rank sites.

If you’re a blogger newb, you might not know what the big fuss is about. Why bother with getting links on high PR sites? Because it will get you indexed. Getting indexed means that you will start growing your organic traffic. Even if you are a noob, you understand that traffic sent from search engines is the best type of traffic.

I found a great list of sites that have the do follow comments on their blogs. Digitalproductsreview dot net made a great list of over 100 sites that use the do follow. The list is a good starting point for building up links to you site. Make sure that you don’t spam with you comments. Try to be useful with your comments. Read the blog post first before you leave a comment. It’s a good way to network. You don’t want to be labeled a spammer. This type of link building is good for noobies because it doesn’t cost any money. It can get time consuming, but if you do it right, your site will start growing in links.

When i was a noob, i didn’t know how to get links to my site. I even tried begging in web forums. No body would listen to me. I couldn’t trade links and i was too scared of getting ripped off to buy links. I wish someone told me about do follow and this list. Noobies, get to work and starting building links by leaving comments on do follow blogs. Noob out!

42 thoughts on “Get free PR links with do follow comments

  1. the noob Post author

    john sullivan- your site is do follow? cool. you should put your blog up on those lists. There are a lot of lists. just contact the blogger and they’ll include you in their do follow blog lists. That way, more people will know that your blog is do follow. you’ll probably get more comments. 😉

  2. Stephan Miller

    Thanks for the link. I actually created something which I think is cooler with all the CommentLuv and KeywordLuv Blogs. This list pulls the latest posts from 600 blogs that use one of these plugins. I created it less than a week ago and have tested it out. Great tool for finding a place to comment because you already know the most recent post title before you land on the blog. No wasted efforts.

  3. wendy

    My blog is also a Do Follow site.

    Now perhaps would be a great time let the other newbies out there know how to set their blog, making it a do follow.

    Just a thought for you to ponder

  4. Asuka_Aki

    I love do follow blogs. It shows a blogger cares about his/her comments and is willing to give back some link love in exchange of comments. Making your blog no-follow free won’t take anything away from your blog. Did you know no-follow tag was inicially created to prevent spam. It obviously doesn’t work so why use it? I don’t, I’m no-follow free! Yipee.

  5. The BoBo

    Mine is a do follow as well. I also have a blogspot blog (I won’t give URL here, don’t want you to think I’m spamming) and I made that a do follow blog simply by removing the rel=”nofollow” from the comment post in the html template.

    If blogspot bloggers want to know how to do this, all they have to do is google “do follow blogger blogs” and there are tons of websites out there that give precise instructions.

    Good post!

  6. the noob Post author

    stephan miller- No problem stephan. Didn’t know that was your blog too. 😉 awesome work. i’m sure that took a lot of work and time.

    detikads review- yes it is. good idea.

    brian- i think a lot of sites are.

    wendy- i’ll try to work on a post for that. i’m also finding out that a lot of my readers are blogspot bloggers. i should set up a blogspot blog and tweak it. so i can be of help to blogspot noobs. 😉

    asuka aki- very true. there shouldn’t be problems with spam cause of akismet. only thing tho is that google doesn’t like do follow. They are very strick about links that are bought or sold or processed. “i don’t want to buy anything, sell anything or process anything as a career. so what i’ve been doing lately is kickboxing….sport of the future” anyone?

    I think tho, if you try to sell links on your blog, if that is part of you income. then giving them away for free is counter productive. But what do i know. i’m just a noob. 😉

    the bobo- u could leave the url. I don’t just rely on akismet to filter out the spam. If i see a legit comment. i leave it on there. even if there is a link. 😉

  7. the noob Post author

    jared- no currently my blog is not do follow. I will run a few tests and see about putting it up. I want to, but i since i sell private ads, i’m wondering if that’s a good idea. 😉

  8. Chelle

    All 3 of my blogs are do-follow :)

    The added perk of being a do follow blog is you get listed in all those do follow blog lists everywhere!

  9. the noob Post author

    chelle- yup yup. there are a lot of them too. even being part of entrecard gets you on mass entrecard links. 😉

    bily- thanks. and no problem on the tips. 😉

  10. the noob Post author

    hungama- thanks

    the faust- no it’s not. my crappy make money online blog tries to sell links. So i don’t do do follow. sorry to disappoint. but in this post, i listed a lot of high quality sites that are do follow. 😉

  11. Sharon

    Dear noob –

    I always enjoy reading the posts on your blog. Little by little I’m following your advice and I hope that it does what I think it will. Some of the programs you tout have been adopted on my blog and I’m trying to spend more time commenting instead of just dropping and running :-S .

  12. SolReka

    I use Kimmo Suominen’s dofollow plugin for my wordpress blog.

    Am I right in thinking this is the only step I need to adopt to ensure my blog is dofollow compliant?

    How does one check their blog is dofollow friendly???

    Blooming google and their heavy handed ways of trying to mother us – grrr :-)

  13. SolReka

    PS How come you don’t use commentluv noob? I think it’s one of the best plugins since sliced bread.

    Maybe you don’t need to use it, as you get sufficient traffic already.

    All hail King noob 😉

  14. Toinker

    The noob just turned out a guru of blogging. I really love your post and it gives me more ideas in blogging. I’ve been posting on sites with ‘do follow link’ and they really works on increasing your Alexa Rank.

  15. mike

    If you go to Yahoo site exploer and type in your blog address, look on the inlinks. All blogs you left comments on that count towards inlinks are listed there.

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  17. Jesse Jane Friendly

    I have a PR2 site which I optimize it for organic traffic but I do not know how to monetize it. Sigh. All I can do is earn from a CPA. And the CPA is paying me so little. Feeling so frustrated. I guess SEO is just one part of internet marketing.

  18. Jobinson

    I dont believe in the concept between dofollow or nofollow, Its all kept because to avoid spam and get good comments for the blog post. Put a blog as Dofollow is definitely a good strategy to improve traffic and gain more control in the SERP results.

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