Get in early. Entrecard case study

neil.jpgBeing first at something is sometimes better then being the best. Who is the best astronaut? Nobody knows…but everybody knows who the first man on the moon was. Neil Armstrong. Who is the best black baseball player? Nobody knows….but we know the first. Jackie Robinson. Who is the best sex you’ve ever had? Not sure…they were all pretty much the same…but i do remember my first.

Being first is especially important in the internet game. If you want to make money with you blog, you better be the first at a few things to get noticed. Be the first to report breaking news, or be the first to review a new product or service. Whatever it is, be the first at it. Don’t worry if your blog sucks, just be the first blog to suck. Every day a new internet service is born. Find it and be the first to join it.

I think entrecard has potential to become a very special marketing tool for bloggers. It could grow and make graham some nice shoemoney/auctionads type of cash.

I wasn’t the first blogger to jump on the entrecard bandwagon, but i was one of the first bloggers to start using it. When i started, there was probably 100 blogs registered with entrecard. Now theres close to 1000. My make money blog has managed to grow in the past 50 days and as entrecard grows, my exposure will also grow. I’ve been watching the most popular blogs on entrecard for the past few weeks now and i’ve managed to stay on that list. I think this is possible cause i was one of the first. I get some traffic via entrecard but not enough to start a parade or anything. But if entrecard grows to 10,000 plus blogs, now were talking about some serious traffic.

It’s easy to start getting lazy with your blog. Try not to fall into any type of routine. Try new things and keep reading up on new marketing opportunities. Sign up to new services even if it seems cheesy or bound to fail. Who knows what will happen. When you’re a newb blogger, you gotta work twice as hard to get 10 people to read your articles. But if you keep at it, your blog will grow.

Blogging for dollars is a lot of work but way easier then i expected. Maybe my newbie ignorance helped me. I love blogging. What if blogging for dollars could solve a lot of societal economic woes. The average monthly income in China is around $200. I just made nine months income in 50 days. I see a lot of homeless people here in downtown Chicago. I wish i could get them to start blogging. Maybe they could get back on their feet with some blogging money. Maybe, maybe not.

I predict that BloggerNoob dot com will be the first make money online blog to solve the homelessness situation in America. Help the Noob achieve this.

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